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Fireman's Hall Sign
* small sign, fire engine, horse, sitting people, helmets
* South wall. Fireman's Hall Museum. Just East of 2nd and Quarry.
* 39.953230,-75.142850 [map]
* On the Old City tour
* Exhibits: Police and Fire Fighters
* See also:

Philadelphia and the Schuylkill
* quotes from Charles Dickens, John P. Shelden, Frances Trollope and Mark Twain
* signs, sheep, locomotive, machines and tools, basket and barrel, buildings, maps, plants, food, benches with quotes
* an outdoor history exhibit with artistic elements
* inscription:
"The Water Works...are no less Ornamental than Useful, being Tastefully Laid Out as a Public Garden..."
-Charles Dickens
"I Passed Along the Pavement by the Pump-House... I went in. I saw Immense Water-Wheels.."
-Mark Twain (1853) Missouri
"The Celebrated Works on the Schuylkill, by which the Water of the River is Raised ...are Beyond Praise"
-John P. Shelden (1825) Michigan
"But interesting[?] and Curious as this Machinery is, it is, In Truth, One of the Prettiest Spots the Eye can look upon."
-Frances Trollope (1830) England
* Schuylkill Banks between the Waterworks and the Spring Garden Bridge.
* 39.965325,-75.183450 [map]
* On the Art Museum Grounds tour
* See also:'s Charles Dickens page's Frances Trollope page's Mark Twain page

Spring Garden Farmers Market Sign
Frank Rushmore Watson, 1889
* sign, cattle head, cornucopia, food
* Pediment. Union Transfer. South side of Spring Garden between 10th and 11th.
* 39.961520,-75.155360 [map]
* On the Northern Liberties tour
* See also:
+Max Buten's picture of this piece Frank Rushmore Watson entry

St. Mary's School Sign
1970 (year of the building)
* sign, school logo, symbolic heart, rose, book
* In the school logo the book under the heart is more pronounced
* West wall. St. Mary Interparochial School. East side of 5th, South of Locust.
* 39.945960,-75.149725 [map]
* On the Society Hill tour
* See also:

Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility
Isaiah Zagar, 1997
* big abstract sign, ideas
* Was on the West side of 23rd between Fairmount and Aspen. As of April, 2017 the property is for sale and the mosaic has been removed.
* Wall.
* 39.967840,-75.175400 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing
* See also:
+Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility

Tabernacle United Church Signs
Lynn Denton, 1999
* signs, religious symbols and imagery, boat, Earth, food, sitting and standing people, birds, plants, musical instruments, sheep, hands, water
* tiles painted by the congregation
* Tabernacle United Church. Southwest corner, 37th and Chestnut.
* 39.954800,-75.196650 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* Exhibits: Religious, Peace and Love
* See also:
+City Paper article about Lynn Denton
+Tabernacle United Church

Science Leadership Academy Sign and Mosaics
2006 (school founded)
* small abstract sign, idea, mosaic kneeling people
* North wall. Science Leadership Academy. Southeast corner, 22nd and Market.
* 39.955930,-75.176175 [map]
* On the JFK North tour
* See also:

Reading Terminal Market Signs
2012 (approximate)
* small signs: flowers, food, flatware on a plate, fish, cow, chicken
* West and North walls. Reading Terminal Market. South side of Arch East of 12th and East side of 12th between Arch and Filbert.
* 39.953600,-75.159450 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also:
+Reading Terminal Market

Zoo Sign
Gecko Group, 2013
* sign, logo, cat
* Northeast corner of the Zoo. West side of 34th, South of Girard.
* 39.974975,-75.195250 [map]
* On the West Park tour
* See also:
+Philadelphia Zoo

Arts Bank Sign
* name sign
* On the roof. Arts Bank. Southeast corner Broad and South.
* 39.943500,-75.165300 [map]
* On the Avenue of the Arts tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Elfreth's Alley Sign
* small houses, sign
* South side of Elfreth's Alley. East side of 2nd, North of Arch.
* 39.952825,-75.143020 [map]
* On the Old City tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also:

* abstract tree, sign
* Southeast corner, 19th and Poplar.
* 39.971050,-75.167475 [map]
* On the Fairmount tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

The Summer Winter Community Garden Arch
* arch, sign
* Summer Winter Community Garden. Northeast corner, 33rd and Race.
* 39.959000,-75.189000 [map]
* On the Powelton tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also:

University Museum Upper Entrance
Alexander Stirling Calder, 1899 (year of building)
* standing people, sign, kneeling people
* inscription: Free Museum of Science and Art
* Upper (West) courtyard entrance. Penn Museum. South side of South Street, East of 33rd.
* 39.949630,-75.191660 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* See also:'s Alexander Stirling Calder page
+Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

Suburban Station Clock
* clock, sign
* Best observed from the East side of 16th
* 16th Street entrance. Suburban Station. West side of 16th, North of JFK.
* 39.954150,-75.166750 [map]
* On the JFK North tour
* See also:
+artistic views of the clock at's Suburban Station page

The Sign Boy
Tom Miles, 1994
* small standing boy, sign, hat, dog
* East side of Juniper, South of Market.
* 39.951485,-75.162725 [map]
* On the City Hall tour

Wilma Theater Sign
Hugh Hardy, 1996
* big name sign
* Front wall. Wilma Theater. East side of Broad, North of Spruce.
* 39.947210,-75.164565 [map]
* On the Avenue of the Arts tour
* See also:
+Wilma Theater

Hard Rock Cafe Guitar
* big guitar sign
* Above the entrance. Hard Rock Cafe. Northeast corner, 12th and Market.
* 39.952075,-75.159750 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* See also:

Wynn Commons Sign
Venturi, Scott Brown (and Rauch), 2001
* Named for Steve Wynn
* big Penn logo, sign
* At the time this piece was installed the firm was named Ven­turi, Scott Brown and As­so­ci­ates
* East end of Wynn Commons. Northwest corner of Irvine Auditorium. North side of Spruce, West of 34th..
* 39.951090,-75.193215 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* See also:'s Steve Wynn page

Welcome to Main Street Manayunk Sign
Venturi, Scott Brown (and Rauch), 2002
* idea sign
* At the time this piece was installed the firm was named Ven­turi, Scott Brown and As­so­ci­ates
* Main at Ridge.
* 40.015615,-75.209110 [map]
* On the Manayunk tour
* See also:
+Philadelphia Weekly article about this piece

We the People
Ian Bader, Henry N. Cobb, 2003 (year of building)
* big preamble to the Constitution, sign
* inscription: We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty for the United States of America. to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution
* Wall. Constitution Center. West side of 5th, North of Arch.
* 39.953275,-75.148700 [map]
* On the Independence Mall tour
* See also: page for the building
+Ian Bader
+Henry N. Cobb
+Constitution Center

Warren C. Holzman, 2004
* big pretzel sign
* South side of Pretzel Park. Silverwood and Cotton.
* 40.025650,-75.221325 [map]
* On the Manayunk tour
* See also:
+artist's picture of this piece
+Pretzel Park

Continental Olive
* big olive sign
* Wall. Northwest corner, 18th and Chestnut.
* 39.951750,-75.170450 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour

Suzanne Roberts Theatre Sign
Zahner, 2007
* Named for Suzanne Roberts
* big logo sign
* Entrance. Suzanne Roberts Theatre. Northwest Corner, Broad and Lombard.
* 39.944850,-75.165450 [map]
* On the Avenue of the Arts tour
* See also:'s Zahner page's Suzanne Roberts Theatre page

Race Street Connector
James Corner Field Operations, 2011
* big idea sign, measurements of water
* "CITY" is on the East side, pointing West and "RIVER" is on the West side, pointing East.
* inscription:
This dramatic light screen, made of expanded metal with bold signage and color-shifting night lighting, unifies the corridor underneath the expressways and draws people to the waterfront. The smaller characters graphically register the historic flooding events of the Delaware River by month, year and peak height as recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at the Race Street Pier (Pier 11). The resulting timeline visually reinforces the dynamic conntection between the city and the river.
* Under the 1-95 overpass. South side of Race, East of 2nd.
* 39.953670,-75.140950 [map]
* On the Penn's Landing tour
* See also:

Along the Atlantic Flyway
* small bird sign
* Washington Avenue Pier. East of Columbus and Washington.
* 39.932325,-75.140425 [map]
* On the South Philly tour
* See also:'s Washington Avenue Pier page

From River to Sea and Back
* small fish sign
* inscription: Alewife, Striped Bass, American Eel, American Sturgeon, American Shad
* Washington Avenue Pier. East of Columbus and Washington.
* 39.932250,-75.140500 [map]
* On the South Philly tour
* See also:'s Washington Avenue Pier page

30th Street Station Sign
Calori and Vanden-Eynden Design, 2015
* big name, sign
* There is another, less dramatic version on the 29th Street side.
* Southwest corner, 30th Street Station. Northeast corner, 30th and Market.
* 39.955070,-75.18297 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* See also:'s 30th Street Station page

The Arsenal of Independence
* Reference to Benjamin Flower
* cannon barrels, sign
* inscription: (partial)
Imagine this neighborhood filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of war. Philadelphia's tradesmen and women produced muskets, cannon, ammunition, wagons, ships, uniforms and flags that helped to win American Independence. In 1775, hat maker Benjamin Flower lived just a block from where you are standing. He joined the Revolutionary cause and became Commissary General of Military Stores for the Continental Army.
* in front of the Museum of the American Revolution. Southeast Corner, 3rd and Chestnut.
* 39.948525,-75.145935 [map]
* On the Old City tour
* Exhibits: War
* See also:
+Orders to Benjamin Flower from George Washington

Morgan's Jazz Night Club Sign
* partial people, musical instruments, sign
* Front wall. North side of Price, just East of Germantown.
* 40.037125,-75.175150 [map]
* On the Germantown Avenue tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified, African American

* idea flag sign
* inscription: Teachers Local 3 AFT AFL-CIO
* Front wall. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. South side of Chestnut between 18th and 19th.
* 39.951660,-75.171100 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* See also:

Falling Star Relief
Charles Madden, 1983
* Tribute to Louis Kahn
* abstract falling star symbol, sign
* Louis I. Kahn Memorial Park. Northwest corner, 11th and Pine.
* 39.945050,-75.160250 [map]
* On the Gayborhood tour
* See also: picture of this piece
+Charles Madden's Louis Kahn page
+Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park

Addams Family Silhouette
* Reference to the work of Charles Addams
* small people standing, sign
* Originally installed in the courtyard behind the gates.
* Wall. Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall. West side of 36th between Walnut and Locust Walk.
* 39.953000,-75.194950 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* Exhibits: Moved
* See also:
+Charles Addams bio from
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+Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall

Mosaic Project
Mike Smash, 2005
* idea, stars, sign
* Gate. East side of 10th, South of Cecil B. Moore.
* 39.977550,-75.151000 [map]

Commerce Square Pylons
Stantec ViBE, 2012
* big abstract light-emitting pylon signs
* Entrance. Commerce Square. South side of Market between 20th and 21st.
* 39.953825,-75.174150 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* See also: visioning-brands-experience page's Commerce Square page

The Study at University City
Shelly Bradbury, 2016
* big glasses, logo sign
* West side of 33rd, North of Chestnut.
* 39.954510,-75.189820 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* Exhibits: New
* See also:

Spring Gardens Fence
2001 (approximate)
* plants, birds, spring, sign
* Fence and gates. Spring Gardens. Around the block bounded by 18th, 19th, Wallace and North.
* 39.966200,-75.168750 [map]
* On the Fairmount tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk Signs
* small bird, plants, turtle, rocks, signs
* Both ends of the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk. East side of the Schuylkill River between South and Locust.
* 39.948100,-75.184675 [map]
* On the Fitler Square tour

Untitled (Lucas)
Lark Lucas, 1982
* people standing, sitting, hats, umbrellas, food, musical instruments, machines and tools, balloons, airplanes, signs, buildings, plants, birds, elephant, giraffe, camel
* visible through the fence
* Walls. North side of Filbert, West of 34th.
* 39.956900,-75.192250 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* See also:
+Lark Lucas page at

Campbell Square Arch
Warren C. Holzman, 2004
* partial people, tools, church, ship, train, sun, plants, fish, arch, fleur de lis, sign
* Campbell Square. Northeast side of Allegheny at Livingston.
* 39.986025,-75.103875 [map]
* On the Kensington tour
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:
+Campbell Square information

Packard Building Sign
Samuel Yellin, 1924 (year on sign)
* small standing, kneeling people, tools, scroll, staff, oar, plants, lamps, eagle, lion's head, seashell, urns, griffins, sign
* Yellin is not listed anywhere as the artist for the sign, but he is listed as the metal worker for the building
* West Entrance. Packard Building. East side of 15th, South of Chestnut.
* 39.950650,-75.165650 [map]
* On the Avenue of the Arts tour
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
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