Philadelphia Public Art

Year: 2012

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
Isaiah Zagar, 1994 - 2013 (ongoing)
* big abstract partial people, plates, dishes, cups, bottles, bicycle parts, words
* Large portions are visible from the sidewalk. See the website for admission information.
* Courtyard/garden. South side of South between 10th and 11th.
* 39.942825,-75.159400 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
* See also:

Baily Cypress, 2010 - 2012
* ideas and logos
* inscription: Soccer for social change. Leadership beyond the game.
* Wall. Starfinder Foundation. 4015 Main Street. Northeast side of Main, Southeast of Shurs Lane.
* 40.021225,-75.216890 [map]
* On the Manayunk tour
* Exhibits: Athletic
* See also:
+Baily Cypress on Facebook

Barnes Foundation Tabletop Fountain
Laurie Olin, 2012
* big abstract fountain
* Southeast of the Barnes Foundation. North side of the Parkway, West of 20th.
* 39.959950,-75.172250 [map]
* On the Parkway and Pennsylvania tour
* See also:

Barnes Totem
Ellsworth Kelly, 2012
* big abstract shape, reflecting pool
* accessible when the museum is open, otherwise barely visible through the fence
* Northeast corner of the Barnes Foundation. North of the Parkway, West of 20th.
* 39.960400,-75.172050 [map]
* On the Parkway and Pennsylvania tour
* See also:'s Ellsworth Kelly page

Chinatown Zodiac Medallions
Andrews Lefevre Studios, 2012
* symbols, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep (ram), monkey, rooster, dog, pig
* North side of Vine, East of 9th. The small medallions are arranged along Vine between 9th and 10th and along 10th North and South of Vine.
* 39.957170,-75.153823 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* See also:
+artist's article about this piece

Commerce Square Pylons
Stantec ViBE, 2012
* big abstract light-emitting pylon signs
* Entrance. Commerce Square. South side of Market between 20th and 21st.
* 39.953825,-75.174150 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* See also: visioning-brands-experience page's Commerce Square page

Giotto on Steroids
Isaiah Zagar, 2012
* Reference to the work of Giotto
* big abstract partial people
* visible through a locked gate
* Alley walls. South side of South, East of 10th.
* 39.942675,-75.158250 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
* See also:'s Giotto page

Lin Zexu Memorial Statue
2012 (installed)
* Statue of Lin Zexu
* standing person, hat, telescope, sword
* inscription:
Lin Zexu (1785-1850) was a Chinese scholar and official during the late Qing dynasty. He is most famous for his fight against opium smuggling in Guangzhou, China. In 1838, Lin was sent to Guanadong to halt the importation of opium by the British. He confiscated more than 20,000 chests of opium and supervised its destruction during a 23-day campaign beginning on June 3, 1839 in Humen China. This action is usually considered to be the primary catalyst for the first Opium War (1839-1842) between Britain and China. In recognition of his valiant fight against narcotics and British invasion, Lin is highly respected in the history of China as national hero.
* Bridge over I-676. West side of 10th at Vine.
* 39.956900,-75.155750 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* Exhibits: War
* See also: Lin Zexu page

Lines in Four Directions in Flowers
Sol LeWitt, 2012 (realized)
* big beds of actual flowers
* This piece is both seasonal and high maintenance. It nay not be visible when you visit
* On the hill, South side of Kelly Drive, West of 26th.
* 39.967325,-75.183300 [map]
* On the Art Museum Grounds tour
* See also:'s Sol LeWitt page

Franz West, 2012
* big abstract standing people
* Was in the Anne d'Harnoncourt Sculpture Garden on Art Museum Drive. Removed November 2015 and returned to the West Foundation in Vienna. The Museum now says it was a temporary loan, but the original article on the Museum's site said "Created specifically for the Gardenís Lower Terrace, Lips (2012) is the last commission West realized prior to his untimely death in July of 2012 and will serve as a testament to the powerful legacy of the artistís influential work."
* 39.967275,-75.181900 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing
* See also:'s Franz West page

Michael Speller, 2012
* small abstract armless person
* On the campus of Drexel University. Northwest corner, 33rd and Market.
* 39.955950,-75.189600 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* Exhibits: Athletic
* See also:
+Drexel University

Object for Expression
Warren C. Holzman, 2012
* In honor of a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.
* podium
* inscription:
for impromptu performances and oration -
in honor of the neighborhood's musical history
and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s
1965 speech at 13th and Fitzwater Streets
* East side of Hawthorne Park. Northwest of the Northwest corner, 12th and Catharine.
* 39.940650,-75.162700 [map]
* On the South Philly tour
* See also:'s Martin Luther King, Jr. page
+Friends of Hawthorne Park

Reading Terminal Market Signs
2012 (approximate)
* small signs: flowers, food, flatware on a plate, fish, cow, chicken
* West and North walls. Reading Terminal Market. South side of Arch East of 12th and East side of 12th between Arch and Filbert.
* 39.953600,-75.159450 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also:
+Reading Terminal Market

William Daniel Travis, 2012
* small people standing
* Both sides of the concourse. Next to the 13th Street MFL Station. Underneath Market between 12th and 13th.
* 39.951950,-75.160700 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* See also: page for this piece

September 11, 2001 Memorial
Wells Appel, 2012
* Memorial to Jasper Baxter, Kevin Leah Bowser and Christopher Robert Clarke
* floor beam from the World Trade Center
* inscription:
This floor beam was taken from one of the World Trade Center towers to preserve the memory of the brave and innocent victims of the attack on September 11, 2001, including the Philadelphia residents whose names are inscribed on this memorial.
Jasper Baxter
Born 1-28-1956
Died 9-11-2001
Kevin Leah Bowser
Born 3-7-1956
Died 9-11-2001
Christopher Robert Clarke
Born 7-14-1967
Died 9-11-2001
* Next to the Chestnut Street Bridge. Schuylkill Banks, South of Chestnut.
* 39.952750,-75.180350 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* Exhibits: War
* See also: Jasper Baxter memorial page Kevin L. Bowser memorial page Christopher Robert Clarke memorial page

Sister Cities Fountain
Bryan Hanes, 2012
* fountain
* Plaza. South end of Sister Cities Park, East side of Logan Square. North side of the Parkway, West side of 18th.
* 39.957610,-75.169325 [map]
* On the Parkway and Pennsylvania tour
* See also:'s Logan Circle page