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The tour begins on the outside Southeast corner of the square on the West side of Macy's at Sign Boy, then goes

Keep an eye on City Hall at all times, watching Billy Penn, and looking at the carvings and statues around City Hall on the upper floors and in the arches.

William Penn
Alexander Milne Calder, 1894
* Statue of William Penn
* big standing person wearing a hat
* Billy Penn's hat was once higher than all the buildings in the city. The last two pictures are of references to this piece from the murals at 12th and Walnut and 24th and Chestnut.
* There is a much smaller copy in Welcome Park
* Also referenced by The Tableau
* Part of the whole building's art. On top of the tower of City Hall. Broad and Market.
* 39.952750,-75.163350 [map]
* See also: undated picture of the head of this piece 1893 picture of this piece in the courtyard's Alexander Milne Calder page's William Penn page

Native Americans, Swedish Settlers and Eagles
Alexander Milne Calder, 1894
* big people standing, sitting, eagles
* Part of the whole building's art. Around the tower of City Hall. Broad and Market.
* 39.952750,-75.163350 [map]
* See also:
+undated picture of part of this piece in the studio from
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The Sign Boy
Tom Miles, 1994
* small standing boy, sign, hat, dog
* East side of Juniper, South of Market.
* 39.951485,-75.162725 [map]

One Meridian Plaza Fire Memorial
* Memorial to James A. Chappell, David P. Holcombe and Phyllis McAllister
* small firefighter helmets
* inscription:
To sacrifice one's own safety
in the service of others
requires a courage that is rare.
Those among us who do
are true heroes.
* South side of S. Penn Square, West of Broad.
* 39.951565,-75.164500 [map]
* Exhibits: Police and Fire Fighters
* See also:'s One Meridian Plaza page

Ritz Carlton Residence Fountain
* abstract fountain
* visible through the fence
* Wall. South side of S. Penn Square, West of Broad.
* 39.951325,-75.164650 [map]

The Triune
Robert Engman, 1975
* abstract form
* The first picture was taken facing West, probably after the Meridian fire. The second picture was taken in April, 2010, facing Southeast with City Hall relected in the glass of the new building.
* East side of 15th between Market and Chestnut.
* 39.951800,-75.165325 [map]
* See also:'s Robert Engman page

Claes Oldenburg, 1976
* big clothespin, abstract standing people
* The sculpture is an elongated version of Brancusi's Kiss.
* Top of the concourse stairs. North side of Market at 15th.
* 39.952400,-75.16570 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites
* See also:
+Travis Truman's picture of this piece

Milord La Chamere
Jean Dubuffet, 1973
* big standing person
* High up in a niche on the wall. South side of Market Street between 15th and 16th, facing Northwest.
* 39.952560,-75.166200 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites
* See also:'s Jean Dubuffet page

Seymour Lipton, 1963
* small abstract form
* East side of 16th, North of Market.
* 39.953225,-75.166075 [map]
* See also:'s Seymour Lipton page

Kathleen Fruge-Brown, 2014
* big birds
* Bike racks. West side of 15th, North of Market.
* 39.953140,-75.165500 [map]
* See also:

Emancipation Proclamation Fountain
Gerd Utescher, 1964
* In honor of an act by Abraham Lincoln
* standing person, birds
* During a 2002 site renovation this piece was moved and turned and the non-functional fountain basin was taken out. By 2010 it was completely surrounded by trees. The first picture is from the old setting. The second is from the new setting. The third is a detail with trees.
* Courtyard. Bottom of the concourse entrance on the Northwest corner of 15th and Market.
* 39.952850,-75.165450 [map]
* Exhibits: Moved, African American
* See also:'s Abraham Lincoln page

Dilworth Park Fountain
KieranTimberlake, Laurie Olin, 2014
* big fountain
* converted to an ice-skating rink in the winter
* North end of Dilworth Park. East side of 15th at Market.
* 39.952800,-75.164700 [map]
* See also:

City Hall, West Pavilion
Alexander Milne Calder, 1873 - 1893
* standing people, sitting and kneeling people, people in groups, heads, headgear, book, plants, snake, lizard, city seal
* Part of the whole building's art. City Hall. East side of 15th at Market.
* 39.952495,-75.164450 [map]
* See also:'s Alexander Milne Calder page

City Hall Gates
John McArthur, Jr., Vitetta, 2015 (originally designed around 1871)
* abstract ironwork
* Pictures are of the South gates. Location is for the West gates.
* Gates. All four pavilions. City Hall. East side of 15th at Market.
* 39.952485,-75.164420 [map]
* See also:'s John McArthur, Jr. page

St. Andrew's Society Tablet
* Insignia representation of the first, in memory of the rest: Saint Andrew, Philip Livingston, Thomas McKean, George Ross, James Wilson and John Witherspoon
* small insignia, crown, plants, eagle, arrows, lion, standing St. Andrew with cross
* inscription:
To the Memory of five of its members
who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776
The St. Andrew's Society of Philadelphia
organized in 1747
dedicated this tablet 1926
Nemo me impune lacessit
* Courtyard wall. West side of the South Pavilion. City Hall. North side of S. Penn Square at Broad.
* 39.952120,-75.163700 [map]
* See also:'s Andrew the Apostle page's Philip Livingston page's Thomas McKean page's George Ross page's James Wilson page's John Witherspoon page

City Hall, South Pavilion
Alexander Milne Calder, 1873 - 1893
* standing people, sitting people, heads, birds, dragons, book and scrolls, staff, cats, seal of Pennsylvania, horses, ship, plow, plants, bison head, squirrel, headgear
* Part of the whole building's art. City Hall. North side of S. Penn Square at Broad.
* 39.951825,-75.163650 [map]
* See also:'s Alexander Milne Calder page

Swedish Settlements Plaque
* Lists Anders Svennson Bonde, Johan Campanius, Peter Larsson Cock, Anders Larson Dalbo, Mans Nilsson Kling, Joran Kyn, Peter Lindstrom, Peter Minuit, Johan Printz, Peter Gunnarsson Rambo, Peter Hollander Ridder, Johan Risingh, Captain Sven Skute and Olof Persson Stille
* small symbols, lions, crowns, tree
* Many of the names and spellings on this plaque do not match other sources
* inscription:
In commemoration of The Swedish Settlements on the Delaware 1638-1655
New Sweden embraced within its boundaries the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and included lands on the West side of the Delaware from Cape Henlopen to Trenton Falls and on the East side from Cape May to Mantua Creek
Swedish Governors Peter Minuit, Peter Hollender, Johan Printz, Johan Risingh
Swedish Sovereignty passed by capture to the Dutch, 1655
Among the prominent Swedish settlers were Mans Kling, Sven Schute, Johan Campanius, Joran Kyn, Olof Stille, Peter Cock, Anders Dalbo, Peter Lindhstrom, Anders Bonde, Peter Rambo
Erected by The Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1909
* Wall. South side of City Hall. North side of S. Penn Square at Broad.
* 39.951735,-75.163725 [map]
* See also: Anders Svennson Bonde and his Boon family's Johan Campanius page's Peter Larsson Cock page The Mattson and Dalbo Familes of West Jersey's Mans Nilsson Kling page's Upland, Pennsylvania page mentions Peter Lindstrom's Peter Minuit page
+biography of Johan Printz from's Peter Gunnarsson Rambo page's Peter Hollander Ridder page's Captain Sven Skute page's Olof Persson Stille page

A Quest for Parity: The Octavius V. Catto Memorial
Branly Cadet, 2017
* Memorial to and statue of Octavius Catto
* big and small standing person, ideas, cube and mirrored orb, steles representing a streetcar and a representational streetcar, buildings, plants, horse, clouds, groups of people, some sitting, hats, guns, baseball equipment
* inscription:
South side of steles, North side of cube:
There must come a change which will force upon this nation that course which providence seems wisely to be directing for the mutual benefit of all peoples.
West side of steles, West side of cube:
Educator Leader Major Athlete Activist
South side of cube: October 10, 1871
East side of cube:
Amendment to the United States Constitution
The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
North side of steles:
1839 Born February 22 in Charleston, South Carolina
1854 Becomes a student at the Philadelphia Institute for Colored Youth
1858 Graduates from the Institute for Colored Youth
1859 Chosen as a member and recording secretary of the Banneker Institute, an all black literary society led by Jacob White, Jr. Hired as an English and mathematics teacher at his alma mater. Campaign to desegregate the horse-drawn streetcars in Philadelphia begins.
1863 becomes a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Helps lead a civil war recruitment committee with Frederick Douglas, members of the Union League, and others, which raises eleven regiments of black troops who trained at Camp William Penn in Cheltenham.
1864 Named corresponding secretary of the Pennsylvania Equal Rights League, an affiliate of the National Equal Rights League. Appointed Vice President of the State Convention of Colored People held in Harrisburg. Led civil disobedience protests and lobbied white legislators in Harrisburg to desegregate streetcars.
1865 Co-authored the state Equal Rights League call for voting rights, streetcar desegregation, and the hiring of black teachers for black students in public schools.
1867 Governor signs statewide "Bill of Rights" law desegregating streetcars. Led the Pythians Base Ball Club of Philadelphia to an undefeated season.
1869 Named principal of male students at the Institute for Colored Youth Pythians play the Olympic Ball Club in Philadelphia in the first match between black and white teams. A leader of the unsuccessful effort to integrate the private City Wide Congress of Literary Societies. Helps lead successful Pennsylvania campaign to pass the 15th Amendment which led to thousands of black men registering to vote.
1870 The Union League presents Octavius Catto, Frederick Douglas, and Robert Purvis with a banner celebrating Pennsylvania's adoption of the 15th Amendment at a ceremony on Broad Street. Writes curriculum for new schools for freed former slaves in the District of Columbia. Becomes a member of the original Franklin Institute breaking the color line at the prestigious national forum for advancing American science and technology.
1871 Named an Inspector General with the rank of Major in the Pennsylvania National Guard. Shot to death on October 10, on South Street in the midst of election day riots. He was 32, and one of many black men shot or attacked that day by opponents of the 15th Amendment. As one of Philadelphia's most influential leaders, more than 5,000 mourners attended his funeral and procession down Broad Street.
* South side of City Hall. North side of S. Penn Square at Broad.
* 39.951775,-75.164100 [map]
* Exhibits: Athletic, War, African American
* See also:'s Octavius Catto page

Dutch Settlements Plaque
* Mentions King Charles II, Willem Kieft, Cornelis Jacobsen Mey, Peter Minuit, William Penn, Peter Stuyvesent, Adriaen Jorissen Tienpont, Wouter Van Twiller and Willem Verhulst
* small symbols, beaver, flowers, crowns
* inscription:
In commemoration of the Dutch settlements on the Delaware 1623-1664
The territory occupied by the West India Company and known as New Netherland extended from the Capes of the Delaware to the Connecticut River and embraced within its boundaries the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Directors General of the West India Company Adriaen Jorissen Tienpont, Cornelis Jacobsen Mey, Willem Verhulst, Peter Minuit, Wouter Van Twiller, Willem Kieft, Peter Stuyvesent
Chronolgy New Netherland Captured by the English 1664. Recaptured by the Dutch 1673. Ceded to the English 1674. Charter granted by King Charles II to William Penn for the territory since known as Pennsylvania March 4, 1681
The Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1909
* Wall. South side of City Hall. North side of S. Penn Square at Broad.
* 39.951740,-75.163650 [map]
* See also:'s King Charles II page's Willem Kieft page's Cornelis Jacobsen Mey page's Peter Minuit page's William Penn page's Peter Stuyvesent page's Wouter Van Twiller page's Willem Verhulst page

William McKinley
Isidore Konti, Charles Albert Lopez, 1908
* Memorial to and statue of William McKinley
* standing person, seated people, branch
* The last picture is of the reference to this piece from the mural at 12th and Walnut
* inscription:
* South side of City Hall. North side of S. Penn Square , East of Broad.
* 39.951750,-75.163200 [map]
* See also: 1912 picture of this piece's Isidore Konti page's Charles Albert Lopez page's William McKinley page

Welsh Society Plaque
* One line biographies of Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Gouverneur Morris, Robert Morris and William Penn
* small dragon logo
* inscription:
The Welsh Society
Organized March 1, 1729
Gogoniant i Dduw
Glory to God
Commemorating the Welsh contributions to the founding of the City of Philadelphia the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States of America
William Penn, 1644-1718, proclaimer of freedom of religion and planner of New Wales, later named Pennsylvania
Robert Morris, 1734-1806, foremost financier of the American Revolution and signer of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, third President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence
Gouverneur Morris, 1752-1816, author of the final draft of the Constitution of the United States
John Marshall, 1755-1835, Chief Justice of the United States and Father of American Constitutional Law
Erected on St. David's Day, March 1, 1968
* East wall. City Hall. Market at Juniper.
* 39.952250,-75.162750 [map]
* See also:
+The Welsh Society of Philadelphia's Thomas Jefferson page's John Marshall page's Gouverneur Morris page's Robert Morris page's William Penn page

City Hall, East Pavilion
Alexander Milne Calder, 1873 - 1893
* beaver, crane and owl, butterfly, plants, elephant head, dragon heads, City Hall tower, city seal, ship, plow and scales, scrolls, standing people, reclining people, heads, headgear
* Part of the whole building's art. East entrance City Hall. Market at Juniper.
* 39.952300,-75.162800 [map]
* See also:'s Alexander Milne Calder page

City Hall Plaque
American Soc. of Civil Engineers, 2006
* small City Hall Tower
* inscription:
National Historical Civil Engineering Landmark
Started 1871
Completed 1901
Since its completion 30 years after construction begain in 1871, City Hall has dominated the Center City Philadelphia skyline. At Penn Square,the building is still the world's tallest masonry load bearing structure, made of 88 million bricks and thousands of tons of stone. City Hall is the nation's most elaborate seat of municipal government. It is the finest example of the French Second Empire style, widely used in Late 19th Century public buildings.
* Wall. North side of the East pavilion near the courtyard City Hall. Market at Juniper.
* 39.952335,-75.163170 [map]
* See also:
+American Society of Civil Engineers

William Penn's Prayer for Philadelphia 1684
* relief bust of, and quote from, William Penn
* small head
* inscription:
"And thou, Philadelphia, the virgin settlement
of this province - named before thou were born -
what love, what care, what service and what
travail there have been to bring thee forth
and to preserve thee from such as would abuse
and defile thee.
Oh that thou mayest be kept from the evil
that would overwhelm thee; that faithful
to the God of thy mercies, in the life of
righteousness, thou mayest be preserved to
the end.
My soul prays to God for thee that thou
mayest stand in the day of trial, that thy
children may be blest and thy people saved
by his power."
Erected by the Colonial Dames of America
Chapter II Philadelphia
Elise Willing Balch Memorial Fund
* Wall. South side of the East pavilion near the courtyard, City Hall. Market at Juniper.
* 39.952325,-75.163175 [map]
* See also:'s William Penn page

Roll of Honor
* small head, upper body and arm, hat, police call box
* inscription:
Police Department
City of Philadelphia
In grateful memory of those who gave their lives in performance of their duty
* Courtyard (Southeast corner). City Hall. Market, West of Juniper.
* 39.952250,-75.163325 [map]
* Exhibits: Police and Fire Fighters

Philadelphia Municipal Water System Plaque
* small building and fence, depiction of a fountain, trees, person standing, people sitting, hats, horse, cart
* inscription:
National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
Philadelphia Municipal Water System
Here at Centre Square stood
Philadelphia's First Water Works
The first public water system in America
to use steam for large scale pumping
American Society of Civil Engineers, 1975
* West side, tower South entrance. City Hall. South side of JFK at Broad.
* 39.952550,-75.163600 [map]

World War I Tablet
Nicola D'Ascenzo Studios, 1943 (? not legible)
* small eagle, branches, symbols
* inscription:
This tablet is erected by grateful citizens in honor of the men who offered the supreme sacrifice and of the women who forever glorified womanhood and made victory possible in the Great World War for The Freedom of Mankind
Not for a transient victory or some
stubborn belief that they alone were right
not for a selfish purpose did they fight
but for the generations still to come
Aug 4, 1914 - Apr 6, 1917 - Nov 11, 1918
* Wall. East side of the South tower entrance, City Hall. South side of JFK at Broad.
* 39.952600,-75.163450 [map]
* Exhibits: War
* See also: Nicola D'Ascenzo page

City Hall, North Pavilion
Alexander Milne Calder, 1873 - 1893
* people sitting, people standing, partial people, groups of people, horse head, seal of the city, ship, plow, cattle head, bear head, lion or tiger head, elephant head
* This pavilion was the first of the four to be cleaned and lit. Standing in this one small portion of the building you can sense the incredible amount of work that went into the building's sculpture.
* Part of the whole building's art. North entrance City Hall. South side of JFK at Broad.
* 39.953000,-75.163400 [map]
* See also:'s Alexander Milne Calder page

Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler
* Bas-relief bust of Smedley D. Butler
* small head and upper torso
* inscription:
United States Marine Corps
Director of
Public Safety
January 7, 1924
December 23, 1925
He enforced the law impartially
He defended it courageously
He proved incorruptible
* Interior. North Pavilion of City Hall. South side of JFK at Broad.
* 39.952950,-75.163500 [map]
* Exhibits: War
* See also:'s Smedley Butler page

Alexander Milne Calder Plaque
* bas-relief bust of Alexander Milne Calder
* small head and upper torso, hat
* inscription:
Alexander Milne Calder
Sculptor - 1846-1923
Alexander Milne Calder emigrated from Scotland in 1868 and spent twenty years creating over 250 sculptures that adorn City Hall. His bronze William Penn, installed atop the tower in 1894, is thought to be the largest sculpture on top of a building at 37 feet tall and 27 tons. Calder's son and grandson were also sculptors: Alexander Stirling Calder's is located in Logan Circle and Alexander "Sandy" Calder's monumental Ghost mobile hangs in the Grand Stair of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Below William Penn are eight colossal bronzes of Native Americans, Swedish settlers and eagles. Allegorical sculptures on the building represent history, peoples of the world and nature, and collectively symbolize the spirit upon which the United States was founded.
Generations of Philadelphians have identified City Hall tower as the symbol of their city. The tower is visible for miles and remains the physical and civic heart of Philadelphia.
Creation of this plaque was funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.
* On the wall.. East side of the North entrance of City Hall. South side of JFK at Broad.
* 39.953050,-75.163500 [map]
* See also:'s Alexander Milne Calder page

John Christian Bullitt
John J. Boyle, 1907
* Statue of John Christian Bullitt
* standing person
* North side of City Hall. South side of JFK, West of Broad.
* 39.953050,-75.163915 [map]
* See also: 1936 picture of this piece's John J. Boyle page history page

General George McClellan
Henry Jackson Ellicott, 1894
* Statue of George B. McClellan
* seated person, hat, sword, horse
* North side of City Hall. South side of JFK at Broad.
* 39.953250,-75.163650 [map]
* Exhibits: War
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Major General John Fulton Reynolds
John Rogers, 1884
* Statue of John Fulton Reynolds
* seated person, horse, hat, sword
* North side of City Hall. South side of JFK at Broad.
* 39.953225,-75.163250 [map]
* Exhibits: War
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Matthias William Baldwin
Herbert Adams, 1905
* Statue of Matthias William Baldwin
* standing person, scroll and drafting compass
* North side of City Hall. South side of JFK, East of Broad.
* 39.953000,-75.163000 [map]
* See also: 1936 picture of this piece's Herbert Adams page's Matthias Baldwin page

John Wanamaker, Citizen
John Massey Rhind, 1923
* Statue of John Wanamaker
* standing person carrying a hat
* inscription: 1838 - 1922
* East side of City Hall. West side of Juniper, North of Market.
* 39.952650,-75.162750 [map]
* See also: 1936 picture of this piece's John Massey Rhind page's John Wanamaker page

Philadelphia Books of Just Hours
Phillips Simkin, 1995
* small books, podium
* listed on site as "Philada Books of Just Hours" with a superscript final "a" in "Philada"
* Inside the corner column. Southwest corner of the Justice Center. Juniper and Filbert.
* 39.953350,-75.162150 [map]

The Bond
James West, 2017
* Statue of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington
* two people standing, Masonic emblem
* inscription:
Brother George Washington, Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, first President of the United States, and member of Alexandria Lodge (Fairfax County, Virginia) shows his Masonic Apron to Brother Benjamin Franklin, diplomat who negotiated French involvement in our independence. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and Master of the Loge Les Neuf Soeurs, in Paris. It was a gift from Brother General Lafayette, member of the Loge Contrat Social of Paris, who represented the French government and their commitment to American Independence.
* In front of the Masonic Temple. Northeast corner, Broad and JFK.
* 39.953510,-75.163150 [map]
* See also:
+The Electric Franklin's George Washington page

Masonic Temple Entrance
James H. Windrim, 1868 - 1873
* big geometric patterns
* Entrance. Masonic Temple. Northeast corner, Broad and JFK.
* 39.953675,-75.163145 [map]
* See also:'s Masonic Temple page's James H. Windrim page

Benjamin Franklin, Craftsman
Joe Brown, 1981
* Statue of Benjamin Franklin
* standing person, printing press
* inscription:
Presented to the
City of Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Freemasons
Dedicated June 27, 1981
The Grand Lodge Free and
Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania
* Northwest corner, Broad and JFK.
* 39.953700,-75.163550 [map]
* See also:
+Max Buten's picture of this piece Joe Brown page
+The Electric Franklin

Government of the People
Jacques Lipchitz, 1976
* big group of people, kneeling and crushed
* inscription:
Symbolizing family life
"the wellspring of society,
the hope of the future"
the concept of government being of, by, and for the people,
this sculpture is dedicated
to the people of Philadelphia
* Plaza. Municipal Services Building. Northwest corner, Broad and JFK.
* 39.953750,-75.163975 [map]
* See also:
+Max Buten's picture of this piece's Jacque Lipchitz page

Your Move
Daniel Martinez, Renee Petropoulis, Roger White, 1996
* big chess pieces, Monopoly pieces, dominoes, etc.
* Scattered around the plaza. Municipal Services Building. West side of Broad between Arch and JFK.
* 39.953950,-75.164150 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites

City Seal
Dexter Jones, 1966
* big seal of the city, standing people, ship, plow, scroll, food
* Entrance. Municipal Services Building. North side of JFK between Broad and 15th.
* 39.953900,-75.164420 [map]

Frank Rizzo
Zenos Frudakis, 1998
* Statue of Frank Rizzo
* standing person, steps
* inscription: Mayor 1972 - 1980
* Steps. Municipal Services Building. North side of JFK between Broad and 15th.
* 39.953725,-75.164500 [map]
* See also:
+Max Buten's picture of this piece's Frank Rizzo page's Frank Rizzo page

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