Philadelphia Public Art

Content: Plates, Dishes, Bottles, Glasses, Mugs, Forks, Knives, and Spoons

Gravestone of Monsignor Francis J. Ross
* Memorial to Monsignor Francis J. Ross
* small cross, communion chalice, plants
* inscription:
Tu es sacerdos in aeternum
Right Reverand Monsignor Francis J. Ross, D.D.
Born June 28, 1885
Ordained Nov. 1, 1911
Died Aug. 6, 1955
Requiscat in pace
* Gravestone. East side of St. Agatha - St. James Church. South side of Chestnut, East of 38th.
* 39.954915,-75.197800 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* See also:
+St. Agatha - St. James Church

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
Isaiah Zagar, 1994 - 2013 (ongoing)
* big abstract partial people, plates, dishes, cups, bottles, bicycle parts, words
* Large portions are visible from the sidewalk. See the website for admission information.
* Courtyard/garden. South side of South between 10th and 11th.
* 39.942825,-75.159400 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
* See also:

South Street Laundromat Patio
Isaiah Zagar, 2001 - 2004
* big abstract partial people, bottles, bicycle wheels, words
* lower parts are visible through the fence
* Walls. East side of Schell, South of South.
* 39.942350,-75.156660 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
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Buddha and Dragons
2010 (installed)
* Statue of Buddha
* big standing person, headgear, flask, small dragons
* South side of Phat Quang Buddhist Temple. East side of 4th, North of Washington.
* 39.935210,-75.150400 [map]
* On the South Philly tour
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s Guatama Buddha page

Reading Terminal Market Signs
2012 (approximate)
* small signs: flowers, food, flatware on a plate, fish, cow, chicken
* West and North walls. Reading Terminal Market. South side of Arch East of 12th and East side of 12th between Arch and Filbert.
* 39.953600,-75.159450 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also:
+Reading Terminal Market

Schell Street Walls
Isaiah Zagar, 1996
* big abstract designs, plants, partial people, hats, tableware, words
* Walls. Both sides of Schell between South and Bainbridge.
* 39.942400,-75.156694 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
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