Philadelphia Public Art

Architecture: Tombs

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Jean Antoine Houdon, 1788 - 1791
* Statue of George Washington
* standing person, cane
* Copied from the original marble by Houdon in the state capitol at Richmond by special permission of the General Assembly of Virginia. An eternal flame in front of the tomb, and the flags of the 13 original colonies fly along the walk leading up to it.
* inscription:
Freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness.
In unmarked graves within this square lie thousands of unknown soldiers of Washington's army who died of wounds and sickness during the revolutionary war.
The independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint councils and joint efforts of common dangers, sufferings, and success.
- Washington's farewell address, Sept. 17, 1796.
In memory of John Mclheiny
Under this stone rests a soldier of Washington's Army who died to give you liberty
The eternal flame dedicated in 1976 by Continental Bank in memory of those who fought and gave their lives that we might celebrate our 200th anniversary as a free people.
* Tomb. West side of Washington Square. South of 7th and Walnut.
* 39.947100,-75.152750 [map]
* On the Washington Square tour
* Exhibits: War
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Gravestone of Monsignor Francis J. Ross
* Memorial to Monsignor Francis J. Ross
* small cross, communion chalice, plants
* inscription:
Tu es sacerdos in aeternum
Right Reverand Monsignor Francis J. Ross, D.D.
Born June 28, 1885
Ordained Nov. 1, 1911
Died Aug. 6, 1955
Requiscat in pace
* Gravestone. East side of St. Agatha - St. James Church. South side of Chestnut, East of 38th.
* 39.954915,-75.197800 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
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+St. Agatha - St. James Church

Russell Conwell
Boris Blai, 1968
* Bust of Russell Conwell
* big head
* Conwell and his wife, Sarah S. Conwell, are buried behind the sculpture
* inscription: Russell H. Conwell, Founder of Temple University, 1843-1925
* Conwell's burial site. Founder's Garden. East side of Liacouras Walk, just South of Berks Mall.
* 39.981350,-75.155700 [map]
* On the Temple Campus tour
* See also: entry for this piece
+Temple University Libraries: Boris Blai Personal Papers's Russell Conwell page