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Rittenhouse Square is located between 18th and 19th South of Walnut. The tour makes a wide loop West, North, and East of the park before cutting back West through the park. We begin on the Schuylkill Banks South of Chestnut and then travel

September 11, 2001 Memorial
Wells Appel, 2012
* Memorial to Jasper Baxter, Kevin Leah Bowser and Christopher Robert Clarke
* floor beam from the World Trade Center
* inscription:
This floor beam was taken from one of the World Trade Center towers to preserve the memory of the brave and innocent victims of the attack on September 11, 2001, including the Philadelphia residents whose names are inscribed on this memorial.
Jasper Baxter
Born 1-28-1956
Died 9-11-2001
Kevin Leah Bowser
Born 3-7-1956
Died 9-11-2001
Christopher Robert Clarke
Born 7-14-1967
Died 9-11-2001
* Next to the Chestnut Street Bridge. Schuylkill Banks, South of Chestnut.
* 39.952750,-75.180350 [map]
* Exhibits: War
* See also: Jasper Baxter memorial page Kevin L. Bowser memorial page Christopher Robert Clarke memorial page

First Troop Helmet
* helmet
* Over the entrance. First Troop Armory. East side of 23rd, North of Chestnut.
* 39.953190,-75.178130 [map]
* See also:

Untitled Wall Sculpture
George Sugarman, 1972 (approximate)
* abstract relief
* Visible through the window
* Interior. Albert M. Greenfield School. South side of Chestnut, West of 22nd.
* 39.952400,-75.177500 [map]
* See also:

Bedell Residence Entrance
Wilson Eyre, 1889 - 1890
* small sitting people, furniture
* Entrance. Southeast Corner, 22nd and Chestnut.
* 39.952310,-75.176975 [map]
* See also: entry for the building's Wilson Eyre page

St. Anthony Club Cherubs
Wilson Eyre, 1888
* small partial, horizontal cherubs
* Wall. West side of 22nd, North of Chestnut.
* 39.952900,-75.177050 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also: entry's Wilson Eyre page

Girl with Basin
Edward Fenno Hoffman III, 1960 (date on base)
* small standing person, basin
* accessible when the gate is open, visible through the fence when it isn't
* Benjamin Rush Medicinal Plant Garden, South side of the Mutter Museum. East side of 22nd, North of Chestnut.
* 39.953000,-75.176400 [map]
* See also:
+picture of this piece from
+Edward Fenno Hoffman III Papers at Syracuse University's Edward Fenno Hoffman III page

June 5th Memorial
Scott Aker, Barb Fox, 2018
* Memorial to the six victims with quote from Dickinson: Anne Bryan, Roseline Conteh, Borbor Davis, Emily Dickinson, Kimberly Finnegan, Juanita Harmon and Mary Simpson
* ideas, architectural elements, steles, benches
* inscription:
For those we remember
Unable are the loved to die
for love is immortality
nay, it is deity -
unable they that love - to die
for love reforms vitality
into divinity
-Emily Dickinson
On a beautiful late Spring morning in 2013 the reckless demolition of a neighborhood building collapsed a wall onto the Salvation Army store that stood on this site.
This memorial park is dedicated to the memory of the six people who died here on June 5, 2013. They were from all walks of life, and each was uniquely precious to their family, friends and community. The memorial park also remembers those who were injured, and honors the rescuers.
The June 5 Memorial Park is made possible by the generosity of private citizens and the City of Philadelphia. It challenges the residents and leaders of Philadelphia to remember what happened here and to always value human life above development.
* Southeast corner, 22nd and Market.
* 39.953675,-75.176600 [map]
* Exhibits: New
* See also:
+settlement article
+Anne Bryan article
+Roseline Conteh article
+Borbor Davis article's Emily Dickinson page
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+Mary Simpson article

Horses Drawing Fire Engine
John Godfrey, 1964
* small horses, fire engine
* Entrance. Fire station, South side of Market between 21st and 22nd.
* 39.953700,-75.175525 [map]
* Exhibits: Police and Fire Fighters

Commerce Square Pylons
Stantec ViBE, 2012
* big abstract light-emitting pylon signs
* Entrance. Commerce Square. South side of Market between 20th and 21st.
* 39.953825,-75.174150 [map]
* See also: visioning-brands-experience page

Commerce Square Fountain
* fountain
* Plaza. Commerce Square. South side of Market between 20th and 21st.
* 39.954200,-75.174100 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Linpro Building Fountain
* fountain
* Wall. Next to the Linpro Building. North side of Market, West of 19th.
* 39.953875,-75.172250 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Timothy Duffield, 1981
* big people standing
* Was on the North side of Market St. between 18th and 19th. Permanently removed by the building's new owners some time in 2016, whereabouts unknown, possibly scrapped.
* 39.953450,-75.170950 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites, Missing
* See also:'s article about the piece disappearing

1835 Market Fountain
* abstract fountain
* Wall. North side of Market, East of 19th.
* 39.953600,-75.170825 [map]

2000 (very approximate)
* unlabeled compass
* West side of 17th, South of Market.
* 39.952635,-75.168700 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Brushstroke Group
Roy Lichtenstein, 1996
* big abstract forms
* West side of 17th North of Chestnut.
* 39.952050,-75.168900 [map]
* See also:
+Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

Estuary Gate
Christopher T. Ray, 1979
* plants, turtle, birds, lizard
* Gate. North end of John F. Collins Park. South side of Ranstead, West of 17th.
* 39.951900,-75.169000 [map]
* See also:

Chestnut Park Fountain
Christopher Collins, John F. Collins, John R. Collins, Ted Knighton, 1979
* fountain, abstract buildings, turtle, wolf head, bird
* Inside John F. Collins Park. Between Chestnut and Ranstead, West of 17th.
* 39.951900,-75.169050 [map]
* See also:
+picture of the fountain on

Wissahickon Valley Gate
Christopher T. Ray, 1979
* plants, owl, insect
* Gate. South end of John F. Collins Park. North side of Chestnut, West of 17th.
* 39.951600,-75.169100 [map]
* See also:

Chestnut Street Bus Shelters
Pablo Tauler, 1999
* abstract designs, plants
* Some pictures have been edited to make vandalism on the metal illegible.
* Bus shelters. South side of Chestnut, 7th to 17th.
* 39.95035,-75.160290 [map]
* See also:

Bonwit Teller Building
Bella Abdallah, 1927
* small urns, cats, birds, standing people, seated cherubs, pens and books, mirrors, face, Egyptian headpiece, flame
* Entrance. Southwest corner, 17th and Chestnut.
* 39.951430,-75.169000 [map]
* See also: entry for the building

Continental Olive
* big olive sign
* Wall. Northwest corner, 18th and Chestnut.
* 39.951750,-75.170450 [map]

Belgravia Lion Heads
* small lion heads
* Wall. North side of Chestnut between 18th and 19th.
* 39.951800,-75.170860 [map]
* Exhibits: New
* See also:'s entry for the building

* idea flag sign
* inscription: Teachers Local 3 AFT AFL-CIO
* Front wall. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. South side of Chestnut between 18th and 19th.
* 39.951660,-75.171100 [map]

1822 Chestnut
1870 (approximate year of building)
* plants, fruit and nuts, birds, crouching person, artist tools
* Entrance. South side of Chestnut, East of 19th.
* 39.951700,-75.171350 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also: entry

* small chimeras, flame
* Over the entrance. 1921 Chestnut (North side of Chestnut between 19th and 20th).
* 39.951990,-75.172694 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Aldine Hotel Entrance
* small standing person, hat, luggage, plants, shield
* Entrance. 1920 Chestnut (South side of Chestnut, East of 20th).
* 39.951890,-75.172820 [map]
* See also:
+blog post about the Aldine

* Statue of Mary
* small standing person, head covered, Christian symbols, plants
* visible from the sidewalk
* Kate's Place. North side of Sansom, East of 20th.
* 39.951380,-75.173380 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s Mary, mother of Jesus page

Stotesbury Mansion
Wilson Eyre, 1870
* small lions, ram's head, abstract ironwork
* Entrance. Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute. North side of Walnut, East of 20th.
* 39.950580,-75.173500 [map]
* See also:'s history of their building's Wilson Eyre page

Wanamaker House
1900 (approximate date of building)
* small lions, plants, faces, shield
* Entrance. United Lodge of Theosophists. North side of Walnut, East of 20th.
* 39.950550,-75.173225 [map]
* See also:'s entry for the building

The Presbyterian Ministers Fund for Life Insurance
1951 (possible date of building extension)
* small standing people, hats, baskets
* inscription: He that soweth bountifully shall reap bountifully
* Above the West entrance. Barnes and Noble. North side of Walnut, West of 18th.
* 39.950310,-75.171110 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also: entry for the building

First Baptist
Edgar Viguers Seeler, 1899
* dove, olive branch, hand
* Over the door. First Baptist. Southeast corner 17th and Sansom.
* 39.950540,-75.168875 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s page for the building entry for Edgar Viguers Seeler

Silas Weir Mitchell
R. Tait McKenzie, 1928 (also possibly 1915-1917)
* Bas-relief bust of Silas Weir Mitchell
* small head
* I could not find a date on the piece itself. The building is listed as being built in 1928. The McKenzie catalog lists a Silas Weir Mitchell relief bust "1915, 1917" and it's not clear whether that's an indication of a range or two different pieces.
* inscription:
On this spot stood
the house of
S. Weir Mitchell
Physician - Physiologist
Poet - Man of Letters
He taught us the use of rest for the nervous
He created "Hugh Wynne"
He pictured for us "The Red City" in which
he lived and labored from 1829 until 1914
Erected by the Franklin Inn of which he was the first president
* Wall. 1524 Walnut.
* 39.949650,-75.167150 [map]
* Exhibits: Medical
* See also:'s R. Tait McKenzie page's Silas Weir Mitchell page

E.W. Clark Building Medallions
* small winged horse, birds, bull, corn
* Walls. Northeast corner, 16th and Locust.
* 39.948650,-75.167675 [map]
* See also:'s entry for the building

Gate and Gargoyles
Samuel Yellin, 1912
* small dragon head, abstract gate
* there are identical gargoyles on either side of the gate
* Gate (and gargoyles). South side of Latimer, West of 16th.
* 39.948150,-75.168350 [map]
* Exhibits: Gargoyles
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers

Mary and Jesus with Angels
1851 (year of building)
* statue of Jesus and Mary
* small people, one standing, one held, two flying angels
* Wall. Saint Mark's Church. North side of Locust between 16th and 17th.
* 39.948735,-75.168200 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s Mary, mother of Jesus page

Saint Mark's Gargoyles
* small heads with headgear
* Walls. Saint Mark's Church. North side of Locust between 16th and 17th.
* 39.948825,-75.168350 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, Gargoyles

Saint Mark's Entrance
Samuel Yellin, 1923
* Statue of Jesus
* people standing
* inscription: Come unto me all that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.
* Entrance. Saint Mark's Church. North side of Locust between 16th and 17th.
* 39.948775,-75.168500 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also: entry for this building.
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers

Warwick Hotel
* small crest, helmet, urn with standing people, goat heads, lion heads, human heads, winged people, birds
* Walls. West side of 17th, North of Locust and North side of Locust, West of 17th.
* 39.948940,-75.169800 [map]
* See also:'s entry for the building

Curtis Institute Reliefs
* sitting and reclining people, musical instruments, plants
* North wall. Curtis Institute. South side of Locust, East of 18th.
* 39.948860,-75.170340 [map]

Curtis Institute Gate
Samuel Yellin, 1924
* plants
* Gate. Curtis Institute. South side of Locust, East of 18th.
* 39.948880,-75.170500 [map]
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers

Drexel Mansion Windows
1893 (original date of building)
* small fruit, cornucopias, plants, birds
* Both sides of the entrance. Curtis Institute. South side of Locust, East of 18th.
* 39.948900,-75.170635 [map]

Penn Athletic Club
* small lion heads, standing people, athletic equipment
* West Wall. Northeast corner, 18th and Locust.
* 39.949300,-75.170750 [map]
* Exhibits: Athletic
* See also: entry for the building

* small urns, people, standing, sitting, swords and spears
* At the entrances of Rittenhouse Square. South and West of the Southwest corner of 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949975,-75.170950 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Evelyn Taylor Price Sundial
Beatrice Fenton, 1947
* Tribute to Evelyn Taylor Price
* small children standing, plants, sundial
* inscription: A tribute to Evelyn Taylor Price, President, Rittenhouse Square Flower Market Association, 1916-1939, Rittenhouse Square Improvement Association, 1934-1946. Erected by her friends.
* Rittenhouse Square. Near the Southwest corner of 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949735,-75.171420 [map]
* See also: 1949 picture of this piece's Beatrice Fenton page

Giant Frog
Cornelia Van Auken Chapin, 1941
* big frog on a rock
* Between the Northeast entrance and the center of Rittenhouse Square. Southwest from 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949600,-75.171675 [map]
* See also:'s Cornelia Van Auken Chapin page

Lion Crushing a Serpent
Antione Louis Barye, 1832
* lion, serpent
* Center of Rittenhouse Square. Southeast of 19th and Walnut.
* 39.949650,-75.172050 [map]
* See also: 1913 picture of this piece's Antione Louis Barye page

Duck Girl
Paul Manship, 1911
* small standing person, duck, fountain, fish heads
* In the pool at the center of Rittenhouse Square. Southwest from 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949375,-75.171800 [map]
* See also:'s Paul Manship page

Rittenhouse Square Fountain
Paul Philippe Cret, 1913
* small head, turtles, insects, snail, otter?, fountain
* Center of Rittenhouse Square. Southwest from 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949290,-75.171740 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites
* See also:
+The Paul Philippe Cret Collection at

J. William White
R. Tait McKenzie, 1922
* Bas-relief bust of J. William White
* small head, hat, eyeglasses
* inscription:
Surgeon Teacher Author Athlete
Leader in beautifying Rittenhouse Square
* Between the Southeast entrance and the center of Rittenhouse Square. West of 18th, South of Locust.
* 39.949240,-75.171690 [map]
* Exhibits: Medical
* See also:'s R. Tait McKenzie page's Guide to the J. William White Papers (with biography)
+Article about the J. William White Collection

Albert Laessle, 1914
* small goat
* Southwest corner of Rittenhouse Square. 19th street side near Locust.
* 39.949200,-75.172400 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites
* See also:
+Max Buten's picture of this piece
+National Museum of Wildlife Art's Albert Laessle page

Patty Hogan Gates
Eric Berg, 2010
* Memorial to Patty Hogan
* vine, birds, squirrels, nuts, lizard, snail, praying mantis, frog, dog
* inscription: You gave with your heart. We accepted with gratitude.
* Gardner shed gates. West side of Rittenhouse Square. East of 19th and Locust.
* 39.949250,-75.172725 [map]
* See also:
+Eric Berg Studios

Rittenhouse Square Dogs
* dogs
* Southwest corner Rittenhouse Square. South of 19th and Locust.
* 39.948910,-75.172900 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Winged Woman
Arlene Love, 1988
* winged head and torso
* West side of 19th Street South of Locust.
* 39.949085,-75.173225 [map]
* See also:
+artist's picture of this piece

EvAngelos W. Frudakis, 1988
* standing person, fountain
* In the driveway of the Rittenhouse Hotel. West side of 19th, South of Walnut.
* 39.949750,-75.173100 [map]
* See also:

Holy Trinity Episcopal Chuch
1859 (original building date)
* dogs
* Side entrance. Holy Trinity Episcopal Chuch. South side of Walnut between 19th and 20th.
* 39.950400,-75.173325 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, Gargoyles, Unidentified
* See also:'s page for the building

Unidentified Heads
* small heads
* Low on the wall. South side of Locust, West of 20th.
* 39.949400,-75.174625 [map]
* Exhibits: Gargoyles, Unidentified

Women Around Window
Wilson Eyre, 1896 (approximate year of building)
* small standing people
* Wall. South side of Locust between 20th and 21st.
* 39.949410,-75.174800 [map]
* See also:'s Wilson Eyre page

1897 (date of building)
* small birds
* Not sure if these are original to the building or not.
* Front of building. South side of Locust, East of 21st.
* 39.949540,-75.175728 [map]

First Presbyterian
1869 - 1872
* Presbyterian symbols, plants, fruit, bird, lizard, dragons
* Over the door. First Presbyterian Church. Southeast corner, 21st and Walnut.
* 39.950650,-75.175550 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, Gargoyles
* See also:'s page for the building
+Gargoyle Hunter's page for the building

Roosevelt Apartments Entrance
* birds, plants, abstract design,
* Entrance. Southeast corner, 23rd and Walnut.
* 39.951020,-75.178310 [map]

Possible trip extension:Art Museum Grounds (West on Walnut on to the Walnut Street Bridge, down to the Schuylkill Banks, then North along the path up to and across the Spring Garden Bridge)
Possible trip extension:JFK North (West on Walnut on to the Walnut Street Bridge, down to the Schuylkill Banks, North to Cherry)

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