Philadelphia Public Art

Exhibit: Medical

Philadelphia has a long history and strong presence in Medicine and Medical Education. It is home to four major medical schools with teaching hospitals: Drexel, Jefferson, Penn, and Temple, plus the University of the Sciences, and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

J. Seward Johnson, Jr.
* small people standing
* Campus of the Presbyterian Medical Center. East and North of 39th and Filbert.
* 39.958150,-75.198750 [map]
* On the Powelton tour
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+Presbyterian Medical Center

Good Samaritan
* people standing, sitting, donkey, suggestion of a building, hospital seal
* inscription: Take care of him and I will repay thee.
* Wall. Pennsylvania Hospital. South side of Spruce between 8th and 9th.
* 39.945750,-75.155600 [map]
* On the Washington Square tour
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+Pennsylvania Hospital

Samuel D. Gross
Alexander Stirling Calder, 1897
* Statue of Samuel D. Gross
* standing person
* The inscription is almost completely worn away
* inscription: American physicians have erected this statue to commemorate the great deeds of a man who made such an impress upon American surgery that it has served to dignify American medicine.
* On the campus of Thomas Jefferson University. South side of Walnut between 10th and 11th behind the building which faces Walnut..
* 39.948060,-75.158275 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* See also:'s Alexander Stirling Calder page's Samuel D. Gross page
+Thomas Jefferson University

J. William White
R. Tait McKenzie, 1922
* Bas-relief bust of J. William White
* small head, hat, eyeglasses
* inscription:
Surgeon Teacher Author Athlete
Leader in beautifying Rittenhouse Square
* Between the Southeast entrance and the center of Rittenhouse Square. West of 18th, South of Locust.
* 39.949240,-75.171690 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
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+Article about the J. William White Collection's Rittenhouse Square page

Silas Weir Mitchell
R. Tait McKenzie, 1928 (also possibly 1915-1917)
* Bas-relief bust of Silas Weir Mitchell
* small head
* I could not find a date on the piece itself. The building is listed as being built in 1928. The McKenzie catalog lists a Silas Weir Mitchell relief bust "1915, 1917" and it's not clear whether that's an indication of a range or two different pieces.
* inscription:
On this spot stood
the house of
S. Weir Mitchell
Physician - Physiologist
Poet - Man of Letters
He taught us the use of rest for the nervous
He created "Hugh Wynne"
He pictured for us "The Red City" in which
he lived and labored from 1829 until 1914
Erected by the Franklin Inn of which he was the first president
* Wall. 1524 Walnut.
* 39.949650,-75.167150 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* See also:'s R. Tait McKenzie page's Silas Weir Mitchell page

Curtis Hall, Thomas Jefferson University
Horace Trumbauer, 1931
* standing people, reclining people, medical instruments, headgear, plants, lions, birds, griffins, various medical symbols
* Entrance. Curtis Hall, Thomas Jefferson University. North side of Walnut between 10th and 11th.
* 39.948625,-75.157800 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* See also:'s page for the building
+Horace Trumbauer page from
+Thomas Jefferson University

The Great Doctor
Waldemar Raemisch, 1955
* big group of people, standing, sitting
* Formerly on the North side of the Parkway between 19th and 20th. Moved August, 2008. The first two pictures are from the original location. The third and fourth pictures were taken during installation at the new site.
* Collectively known as Spirit of the Juveniles with The Great Mother
* In front of the School of the Future. North side of Parkside at 40th and Girard.
* 39.974775,-75.203800 [map]
* On the West Park tour
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The Winged Ox, Symbol of St. Luke the Physician
Henry Mitchell, 1976
* Symbol of Saint Luke
* winged ox, symbol
* The pole is inscribed with the names of famous doctors, starting with Hippocrates at the bottom.
* On the campus of Thomas Jefferson University. South side of Walnut just West of 10th.
* 39.948400,-75.157850 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* Other exhibits: Religious
* See also:
+Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Hideyo Noguchi
* Partial statue of Hideyo Noguchi
* small head, torso, and arm, beaker
* Was on the South side of Market, West of 36th. Was not there 7/24/2005.
* inscription:
Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, 1876-1928. Born in Fukushima, Japan. Studied at the University of Pennsylvania (1900-1904) and dedicated his life to medical research. He died of yellow fever in Africa.
Donated by District 265 Kyoto-Joyo Rotary Club.
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Tribute to Nursing
Cathy Hopkins, 1989
* small people, one standing, one sitting
* inscription:
In honor of
Our Nurses
Past, Present and Future
Genorously donated by
Presbyterian's Nursing Alumni
Ladies Aid Society
May 6, 1989
* North side of the traffic circle of the Presbyterian Medical Center. East and North of 39th and Filbert.
* 39.958740,-75.199000 [map]
* On the Powelton tour
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Ars Medendi (screen)
Jim Sandborn, 2008
* abstract form, medical texts
* Walkway, West side of 10th, North of Locust.
* 39.947850,-75.157775 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* See also: page for this piece