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Philadelphia General Hospital Plaque

Philadelphia General Hospital Plaque
1924 (approximate)
* small lion's head
* The hospital used to be located where the medical complex that surrounds this plaque now stands. The date of the plaque is unclear. According to wikipedia, PGH was renamed in 1919, but W. Freeland Kendrick was mayor from 1924-1928.
* inscription:
to the preservation and restoration of the health of the people of Philadelphia.
to the increase of knowledge concerning the cause and cure of disease.
and to the education of those who would serve humanity.
* Wall. Near the Northwest corner of Claire M. Fagin Hall. 418 Curie Blvd..
* 39.949050,-75.196700 [map]
* On the University City South Medical Complex tour
* See also:'s Philadelphia General Hospital (aka Blockley Almshouse) page