Philadelphia Public Art

Artist: R. Tait McKenzie

Benjamin Franklin
R. Tait McKenzie, 1914
* Statue of Benjamin Franklin
* standing person, hat, walking stick, bag of belongings
* Also listed as "Youthful Franklin." A small version of this piece is in the Children's Department of the main library at 20th and Race.
* inscription:
front: Benjamin Franklin in 1723
left: "I have been the more particular in this description of my journey that you may compare such unlikely beginnings with the figure I have since made there." -Franklin to his son.
right: This memorial dedicated to the Tenth Reunion of the Class of 1904 is a tribute to the inspiration and example of the founder of the University to many generations of the sons of Pennsylvania
* East side of 33rd Street, North of Spruce.
* 39.950800,-75.191000 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
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J. William White
R. Tait McKenzie, 1922
* Bas-relief bust of J. William White
* small head, hat, eyeglasses
* inscription:
Surgeon Teacher Author Athlete
Leader in beautifying Rittenhouse Square
* Between the Southeast entrance and the center of Rittenhouse Square. West of 18th, South of Locust.
* 39.949240,-75.171690 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* Exhibits: Medical
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Edgar Fahs Smith
R. Tait McKenzie, 1925
* Statue of Edgar Fahs Smith
* sitting person, chair, lizard, books, mortarboard, jug or basked
* inscription: Provost, 1911-1920, teacher, investigator, friend. Born 1856 - Died 1928. A tribute of affection from John C. Bell, class of 1889.
* East side of 34th St. at Smith Walk (between Walnut and Spruce).
* 39.951610,-75.192175 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
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Silas Weir Mitchell
R. Tait McKenzie, 1928 (also possibly 1915-1917)
* Bas-relief bust of Silas Weir Mitchell
* small head
* I could not find a date on the piece itself. The building is listed as being built in 1928. The McKenzie catalog lists a Silas Weir Mitchell relief bust "1915, 1917" and it's not clear whether that's an indication of a range or two different pieces.
* inscription:
On this spot stood
the house of
S. Weir Mitchell
Physician - Physiologist
Poet - Man of Letters
He taught us the use of rest for the nervous
He created "Hugh Wynne"
He pictured for us "The Red City" in which
he lived and labored from 1829 until 1914
Erected by the Franklin Inn of which he was the first president
* Wall. 1524 Walnut.
* 39.949650,-75.167150 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* Exhibits: Medical
* See also:'s Silas Weir Mitchell page

The Ideal Boy Scout
R. Tait McKenzie, 1937
* small standing person, hat
* Was on the Southeast corner of 22nd and Winter. Removed early 2014 following the eviction of the Boy Scouts by the City of Philadelphia.
* 39.958990,-75.175250 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing
* See also: 1938 picture of this piece

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