Philadelphia Public Art

Landmark: Rittenhouse Square

On the Rittenhouse Square tour.

* small urns, people, standing, sitting, swords and spears
* At the entrances of Rittenhouse Square. South and West of the Southwest corner of 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949975,-75.170950 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Lion Crushing a Serpent
Antione Louis Barye, 1832
* lion, serpent
* Center of Rittenhouse Square. Southeast of 19th and Walnut.
* 39.949650,-75.172050 [map]
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Duck Girl
Paul Manship, 1911
* small standing person, duck, fountain, fish heads
* In the pool at the center of Rittenhouse Square. Southwest from 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949375,-75.171800 [map]
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Rittenhouse Square Fountain
Paul Philippe Cret, 1913
* small head, turtles, insects, snail, otter?, fountain
* Center of Rittenhouse Square. Southwest from 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949290,-75.171740 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites
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Albert Laessle, 1914
* small goat
* Southwest corner of Rittenhouse Square. 19th street side near Locust.
* 39.949200,-75.172400 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites
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J. William White
R. Tait McKenzie, 1922
* Bas-relief bust of J. William White
* small head, hat, eyeglasses
* inscription:
Surgeon Teacher Author Athlete
Leader in beautifying Rittenhouse Square
* Between the Southeast entrance and the center of Rittenhouse Square. West of 18th, South of Locust.
* 39.949240,-75.171690 [map]
* Exhibits: Medical
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Giant Frog
Cornelia Van Auken Chapin, 1941
* big frog on a rock
* Between the Northeast entrance and the center of Rittenhouse Square. Southwest from 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949600,-75.171675 [map]
* See also:'s Cornelia Van Auken Chapin page

Evelyn Taylor Price Sundial
Beatrice Fenton, 1947
* Tribute to Evelyn Taylor Price
* small children standing, plants, sundial
* inscription: A tribute to Evelyn Taylor Price, President, Rittenhouse Square Flower Market Association, 1916-1939, Rittenhouse Square Improvement Association, 1934-1946. Erected by her friends.
* Rittenhouse Square. Near the Southwest corner of 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949735,-75.171420 [map]
* See also: 1949 picture of this piece's Beatrice Fenton page

Rittenhouse Square Dogs
* dogs
* Southwest corner Rittenhouse Square. South of 19th and Locust.
* 39.948910,-75.172900 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Patty Hogan Gates
Eric Berg, 2010
* Memorial to Patty Hogan
* vine, birds, squirrels, nuts, lizard, snail, praying mantis, frog, dog
* inscription: You gave with your heart. We accepted with gratitude.
* Gardner shed gates. West side of Rittenhouse Square. East of 19th and Locust.
* 39.949250,-75.172725 [map]
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+Eric Berg Studios

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