Philadelphia Public Art

Architecture: Posts, Gates and Fences

* small eagle, arrows, olive branch
* Gate. South side of the First Bank of the United States. West side of 3rd between Chestnut and Walnut.
* 39.947900,-75.146350 [map]
* On the Old City tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also:'s First Bank of the United States page

Greg Leavitt
* standing people, sitting person, partial person, sports and playground equipment, water
* Fence. Cohocksink Recreation Center. Southeast side of Cedar St. at East Cambria.
* 39.984300,-75.112775 [map]
* On the Kensington tour
* See also:
+The Recreation Department Cohocksink Recreation Center page

* dogs, cat, mouse, bone, plants, birdhouse
* Fence. South side of Delancey, East of 4th.
* 39.944025,-75.148300 [map]
* On the Society Hill tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

* symbol
* Gate. Southeast corner, 10th and Spring.
* 39.955925,-75.155650 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

German Society Gate
* logo, eagle
* I cannot find any other use of the word "Prolesflorebit"
* inscription:
The German Society of Pennsylvania
Founded AD 1764
Religione Industria et Fortitudine Germana Prolesflorebit
* Gate. Northeast corner, 7th and Spring Garden.
* 39.961600,-75.149700 [map]
* On the Northern Liberties tour

Last Resting Place of Benjamin Franklin
* Memorial to Benjamin Franklin
* small head
* inscription:
The last resting place of Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790
"Venerated for benevolence, admired for talent, esteemed for patriotism, beloved for philanthropy"
"The sage whom two worlds claimed as their own."
"He tore from the skies the lightning and from tyrants the sceptre"

* Fencepost. South side of Arch, just East of 5th.
* 39.952450,-75.148250 [map]
* On the Independence Mall tour
* See also:'s Benjamin Franklin page
+The Electric Franklin

Saint Joseph's University Hawks
* big hawks, Saint Joseph's University shield
* Parking lot entrance posts. Saint Joseph's University. Southwest corner, 54th and City Line.
* 39.996650,-75.235800 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also:
+Saint Joseph's University

Unidentified Mosaic Icons
* icons: cross, envelope, paw print, building, tree, bus, paintbrush, book, bicycle, shopping cart
* Fence. Northwest corner, 34th and Brandywine.
* 39.963600,-75.191650 [map]
* On the Powelton tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Turkish Catapult Stones
1400 - 1499
* Artifacts taken by Samuel Livingston Breese
* weapons (rocks)
* The inscription actually says 18-8, but the Congress was Commodore Breese's flagship until 1858
* inscription: These two stone cannon balls were hurled from catapults by the Turks in their engagements with the Christians in the XVth century. Transported in 1858 from the island of Rhodes by the U.S. Frigate "Congress" under command of Commodore Samuel Livingston Breese, USN
* Gate posts. Lovett Branch Library. East side of Germantown, South of Sedgwick.
* 40.056600,-75.187800 [map]
* On the Germantown Avenue tour
* See also:'s history of Rhodes's USS Congress page's Samuel Livingston Breese page
+Lovett Branch Library

Greek Revival Fence
John Haviland, 1822
* Faces of Dionysus
* small faces, abstract ironwork
* Gate and fence. St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral. West side of 8th between Spruce and Locust.
* 39.946300,-75.154725 [map]
* On the Washington Square tour
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:
+article from's John Haviland page's Dionysus page

Frank Furness Gate
Frank Furness, 1876 (relocated 1886)
* arch, plants
* This piece is in very bad condition. The artist is listed elsewhere as an attribution. Reservoir Drive is labeled Strawberry Mansion Drive on Google.
* Gateway. Other side of Kelly Drive, North of Reservoir Drive.
* 39.995500,-75.191600 [map]
* On the Kelly Drive tour
* See also:'s Frank Furness page

Memorial Gate
* idea
* inscription: Inveniemus viam aut faciemus
* Gate. Admissions Walk. North side of Spruce between 34th and 36th.
* 39.950800,-75.194475 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour

Gate and Gargoyles
Samuel Yellin, 1912
* small dragon head, abstract gate
* there are identical gargoyles on either side of the gate
* Gate (and gargoyles). South side of Latimer, West of 16th.
* 39.948150,-75.168350 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* Exhibits: Gargoyles
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers

Africa, America, Asia, Europe
Alexander Stirling Calder, 1920 (approximate)
* standing people, headgear, weapons, bowl or basket
* Gate posts. Lower (East) courtyard of the Penn Museum. South side of South Street, East of 33rd.
* 39.949450,-75.190800 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* Exhibits: African American
* See also:'s Alexander Stirling Calder page
+Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

University Museum Lower Courtyard Gates
Samuel Yellin, 1920 (approximate)
* abstract ironwork
* Gates. Lower (East) courtyard of the Penn Museum. South side of South Street, East of 33rd.
* 39.949575,-75.190950 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers
+Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

Packard Building Gates
Samuel Yellin, 1923
* flowers
* Gates. Packard Building. Southeast corner, 15th and Chestnut.
* 39.950950,-75.165360 [map]
* On the Avenue of the Arts tour
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers's Packard Building entry

Curtis Institute Gate
Samuel Yellin, 1924
* plants
* Gate. Curtis Institute. South side of Locust, East of 18th.
* 39.948880,-75.170500 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers
+Curtis Institute's listing for the building

600 S. Washington Square Gates
Samuel Yellin, 1925
* abstract ironwork
* Gate. South Wasthington Square, West of 6th.
* 39.946069,-75.151677 [map]
* On the Washington Square tour
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers

Temple Gates
1929 (installed 1960)
* lamp, Temple seal, building
* Gates. Pollett Walk (formerly Berks Mall), East side of Broad, South of Norris.
* 39.981650,-75.156900 [map]
* On the Temple Campus tour

Fleisher Gates
Samuel Yellin, 1934
* abstract ironwork
* Gates. Near the back of Palumbo Park on the West side of the Fleisher Art Memorial. North side of Catherine between 7th and 8th.
* 39.939275,-75.155410 [map]
* On the South Philly tour
* See also:
+philadelphiabuildings.orgs's Samuel Yellin page
+Samuel Yellin Metal Workers
+Fleisher Art Memorial

Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Christopher T. Ray, 1972 - 1990
* plants, bird, sun
* 5 metal sculptured gates. Apartment complex bounded by Front, Second, Spruce, and Delancey.
* 39.944400,-75.144850 [map]
* On the Society Hill tour
* See also:

743 Spruce Gates
Elizabeth Osborne Cooper, 1978
* abstract ironwork
* Gates. Pennsylvania Hospital. East side of 8th, North of Spruce and South side of Manning, East of 8th.
* 39.946150,-75.154500 [map]
* On the Washington Square tour
* See also:
+Pennsylvania Hospital

Gates and Grills
Albert Paley, 1978
* abstract forms
* The grill is clearly signed. The gate isn't, but the catalog says Gates and Grills, and they seem to go together
* Gates and grills. Lombard West of Front.
* 39.941950,-75.144000 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
* See also:

Estuary Gate
Christopher T. Ray, 1979
* plants, turtle, birds, lizard
* Gate. North end of John F. Collins Park. South side of Ranstead, West of 17th.
* 39.951900,-75.169000 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* See also:
+Center City District Parks: John F. Collins Park
+Chestnut Park page from

Gate and Railing
Eric Berg, 1979
* abstract lines
* Gate and railing. North side of Spruce, just West of 9th.
* 39.945975,-75.156450 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* See also:
+Eric Berg Studios

Richard Cramer, 1979
* abstract lines
* Gates. North side of Lombard just West of 10th.
* 39.943925,-75.158950 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour

Wissahickon Valley Gate
Christopher T. Ray, 1979
* plants, owl, insect
* Gate. South end of John F. Collins Park. North side of Chestnut, West of 17th.
* 39.951600,-75.169100 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* See also:
+Center City District Parks: John F. Collins Park
+Chestnut Park page from

Community Garden Gate
Greg Leavitt, 1988
* plants, birds, turtle, rocks, frog face
* Gate. Schuylkill Park. West side of 25th at Spruce.
* 39.949450,-75.181300 [map]
* On the Fitler Square tour
* See also:

Timothy Duffield, 1989 - 1990
* abstract lines
* Gate. North side of Lombard, West of 8th.
* 39.943600,-75.156025 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
* See also:

Wind Helix
Roy Wilson, 1994
* abstract forms
* The fence used to surround an open space behind the building. The fence was removed around 2007 and the open space was replaced with an extension of the building. In 2009 the fence was put back in approximately its original position, but surrounding the building extension instead of open space. The first picture is from the original context.
* Back of the fence. Northeast corner, 38th and Ludlow.
* 39.955950,-75.198100 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* Exhibits: Moved

Entrance Pillars
Darling Rosario, 1995
* small abstract mosaic
* Three posts from two of the eight entrances are pictured.
* Entrance posts. Norris Square. Susquehanna and Howard.
* 39.983225,-75.133850 [map]
* On the Kensington tour
* See also:
+Friends of Norris Square Neighbors Association

St. Rita of Cascia Medallion
1995 (approximate)
* Relief portrait of Saint Rita of Cascia
* small head covered
* Top of the alley gate. National Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia. West side of Broad, South of Ellsworth.
* 39.936225,-75.167400 [map]
* On the Avenue of the Arts tour
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:
+National Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia

Spring Gardens Fence
2001 (approximate)
* plants, birds, spring, sign
* Fence and gates. Spring Gardens. Around the block bounded by 18th, 19th, Wallace and North.
* 39.966200,-75.168750 [map]
* On the Fairmount tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Kelly Family Gates
Mark Leuders, 2003
* Reference to the work of Charles Addams
* hands, artist tools
* From approximately 2007 to 2010 the gates were deinstalled and propped against the wall, as shown in the last picture.
* Gates. Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall. West side of 36th between Walnut and Locust Walk.
* 39.952800,-75.195000 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* See also:
+Article about this piece
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+Charles Addams bio from
+Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall

Mosaic Project
Mike Smash, 2005
* idea, stars, sign
* Gate. East side of 10th, South of Cecil B. Moore.
* 39.977550,-75.151000 [map]

Butterfly Fence
* big butterflies, misquoted poetry
* Echoes the butterflies from the adjoining Alex's Lemonade Stand Mural shown in the last picture. The actual inscription on the fence is a misquote of a poem attributed elsewhere to Marjorie Wright Miller, with "Grabs" instead of "Garbs" and an extraneous apostrophe in "its".
* inscription: (along Lancaster Ave.)
The smallest flower that breathes but a day Distills its fragrance into sweet perfume Garbs itself with grace in bright array. Exquisite, brief intensity in bloom. Whether the notes of life are short or long, From end to end what matters is the song.
* Fence. Parrish and Lancaster.
* 39.968040,-75.210450 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Acorns and Pinecones
Eric de Jesus, Elizabeth Duby, 2007
* big acorns and pinecones
* Gateposts. The eight entrances of Stephen Girard Park. 21st and Shunk.
* 39.919700,-75.182625 [map]
* See also:
+artists' pictures of this piece
+Pop Art Research.'s Girard Park page

From Roots to Recovery
Emilie Ledieu, 2008
* plants
* Fence. North side of Lancaster at Brandywine, Sloan and 39th.
* 39.962275,-75.200410 [map]
* See also:

Octopus Gate
Jason Roberts, 2008
* octopus
* Gate. Silk City Diner. North side of Spring Garden, East of 5th.
* 39.961275,-75.145940 [map]
* On the Northern Liberties tour
* See also: story that begins with the making of the gate

Lace Fence
Demakersvan, 2009
* big flowers
* Fence. West side of Henry, North of School House Lane.
* 40.022400,-75.194700 [map]
* On the Jefferson East Falls Campus tour
* Exhibits: New
* See also: article that mentions this piece

Patty Hogan Gates
Eric Berg, 2010
* Memorial to Patty Hogan
* vine, birds, squirrels, nuts, lizard, snail, praying mantis, frog, dog
* inscription: You gave with your heart. We accepted with gratitude.
* Gardner shed gates. West side of Rittenhouse Square. East of 19th and Locust.
* 39.949250,-75.172725 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* See also:
+Eric Berg Studios's Rittenhouse Square page

City Hall Gates
John McArthur, Jr., Vitetta, 2015 (originally designed around 1871)
* abstract ironwork
* Pictures are of the South gates. Location is for the West gates.
* Gates. All four pavilions. City Hall. East side of 15th at Market.
* 39.952485,-75.164420 [map]
* On the City Hall tour
* See also:'s John McArthur, Jr. page's City Hall page's City Hall page

The Porch Fence
Groundswell Design Group, 2015
* trees
* Fence. The Porch. South side, 30th Street Station. Along the North side of Market, East of 30th.
* 39.954777,-75.182130 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* See also:'s 30th Street Station page