Philadelphia Public Art

Content: Otters

Henry Mitchell, 1979
* In memory of William W. Bodine, Jr.
* small otters, rocks, fountain
* Moved from the West end of the building to the East end, probably in 2007. The first picture is from the original location, the rest are from after the move, and with a much lower water level in the pool.
* inscription: With Gratitude to William W. Bodine Jr. Leader, builder and friend of Thomas Jefferson University.
* On the campus of Thomas Jefferson University. South side of Walnut between 10th and 11th behind the building which faces Walnut..
* 39.947965,-75.157975 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* Exhibits: Favorites, Moved
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+Thomas Jefferson University

Rittenhouse Square Fountain
Paul Philippe Cret, 1913
* small head, turtles, insects, snail, otter?, fountain
* Center of Rittenhouse Square. Southwest from 18th and Walnut.
* 39.949290,-75.171740 [map]
* On the Rittenhouse Square tour
* Exhibits: Favorites
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