Philadelphia Public Art

Artist: Henry Mitchell

Saint Fiacre
Henry Mitchell
* statue of Saint Fiacre
* small crouching person
* In the Marion Mitchell Garden of the Philadelphia History Museum. North side of Ranstead between 6th and 7th.
* 39.949950,-75.151650 [map]
* On the Independence Mall tour
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s Saint Fiacre page
+Philadelphia History Museum

Henry Mitchell, 1955
* giraffe
* Max Myers Park. Southwest side of Magee between Oakland and Eastwood, through the gate and to the right.
* 40.038910,-75.070400 [map]
* On the Lower Northeast tour

Henry Mitchell, 1958
* Memorial to Henry M. Phillips
* horses, fountain
* Plaza. Art Museum. 25th and the Parkway.
* 39.965325,-75.180600 [map]
* On the Art Museum Grounds tour
* See also: picture of this piece
+Philadelphia Museum of Art

Dancing Children
Henry Mitchell, 1968
* small people dancing, sitting, hats, bench, baby carriage, knitting needles, dog
* Above the entrance. Cobbs Creek Recreation Center. West side of 63rd at Locust.
* 39.957965,-75.248125 [map]

Running Free
Henry Mitchell, 1971
* horses
* Between 2009 and 2011, as part of the relandscaping that accompanied the construction of the building that is now to the South of this piece, the base was altered and moved and the piece was rotated on the base. The first three pictures were taken prior to the change.
* On the campus of Drexel University. Northwest of 33rd and Market.
* 39.956450,-75.190025 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* Exhibits: Moved
* See also:
+Drexel University

Henry Mitchell, 1974
* small cats
* On what was probably once a fountain that is now mostly used for sitting and flowerpots and is almost always surrounded by people.
* Courtyard. Betsy Ross House. North side of Arch East of 3rd.
* 39.952300,-75.144675 [map]
* On the Old City tour
* See also:

The Winged Ox, Symbol of St. Luke the Physician
Henry Mitchell, 1976
* Symbol of Saint Luke
* winged ox, symbol
* The pole is inscribed with the names of famous doctors, starting with Hippocrates at the bottom.
* On the campus of Thomas Jefferson University. South side of Walnut just West of 10th.
* 39.948400,-75.157850 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* Exhibits: Medical, Religious
* See also:
+Thomas Jefferson University

Henry Mitchell, 1979
* In memory of William W. Bodine, Jr.
* small otters, rocks, fountain
* Moved from the West end of the building to the East end, probably in 2007. The first picture is from the original location, the rest are from after the move, and with a much lower water level in the pool.
* inscription: With Gratitude to William W. Bodine Jr. Leader, builder and friend of Thomas Jefferson University.
* On the campus of Thomas Jefferson University. South side of Walnut between 10th and 11th behind the building which faces Walnut..
* 39.947965,-75.157975 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* Exhibits: Favorites, Moved
* See also:
+NY Times obituary of William W. Bodine, Jr.
+Thomas Jefferson University

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