Philadelphia Public Art

Year: 1997

Skin of the Bride
Isaiah Zagar, 1991 - 2000
* big abstract, words
* Walls. Painted Bride Art Center. South side of Vine between 2nd and 3rd.
* 39.955725,-75.143950 [map]
* On the Old City tour
* See also:
+Painted Bride Art Center

Philadelphia Beacons
Ray King, 1994 - 1999
* big abstract towers, light sources
* Broad and Washington.
* 39.937850,-75.166800 [map]
* On the Avenue of the Arts tour
* See also:
+1998 City Paper story

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
Isaiah Zagar, 1994 - 2013 (ongoing)
* big abstract partial people, plates, dishes, cups, bottles, bicycle parts, words
* Large portions are visible from the sidewalk. See the website for admission information.
* Courtyard/garden. South side of South between 10th and 11th.
* 39.942825,-75.159400 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
* See also:

Column Court
Lawrence D. McEwen, Architects, 1997
* hands, world map, peace sign, hearts, standing person, music and musical instruments, food, plants
* Children's Park in Chestnut Hill. Northeast side of Germantown, Northwest of Southampton.
* 40.074650,-75.203700 [map]
* On the Germantown Avenue tour
* Exhibits: Peace and Love
* See also:
+Lawrence D. McEwen, Architects

Floating World
Ava Blitz, 1997
* abstract creatures
* Was on the North side of Market, West of 36th. Checked 2/21/2016. Removed, and the building is marked for demolition.
* On the wall.
* 39.956400,-75.194850 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing
* See also:

Hawthorne Center Hands
Lynn Denton, 1997
* hand prints, names
* East Wall. Hawthorne Cultural Center. West side of 12th, South of Carpenter.
* 39.938350,-75.162925 [map]
* On the South Philly tour
* See also: article that mentions this piece
+City Paper article about Lynn Denton Hawthorne Cultural Center page

Pennsylvania National Guard Monument
* Monument to a group organized by Benjamin Franklin
* small lion, sword and shield, keystone
* inscription:
The rampant lion. Crest of the PA National Guard.
1747 1997
Near this site the Associators, a group of citizen-soldiers organized by Benjamin Franklin and predecessor to the modern Pennsylvania National Guard, established the first Pennsylvania military installation to defend the colony and the port of Philadelphia.
The Pennsylvania National Guard dedicates this monument to those patriots on our two hundredth anniversary.
* Penn's Landing between Dock and South.
* 39.941850,-75.141325 [map]
* On the Penn's Landing tour
* See also:
+The Electric Franklin

Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility
Isaiah Zagar, 1997
* big abstract sign, ideas
* Was on the West side of 23rd between Fairmount and Aspen. As of April, 2017 the property is for sale and the mosaic has been removed.
* Wall.
* 39.967840,-75.175400 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing
* See also:
+Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility

Roberto Clemente
Phil Sumpter, 1997
* Statue of Roberto Clemente
* small standing person, helmet, baseball bat, map of Puerto Rico
* inscription:
"Quiero que me recuerden como uno que dio todo lo que tenia para dar."
"I want to be remembered as someone who gave all that he had to give."
Roberto Clemente Walker
* Courtyard. Roberto Clemente Middle School. South side of Erie between Front and 2nd.
* 40.006575,-75.130000 [map]
* On the Kensington tour
* Exhibits: Athletic, African American
* See also:'s Roberto Clemente page

The City of Philadelphia
American Soc. of Civil Engineers, 1997
* Monument to the work of Thomas Holme and William Penn
* small map of Philadelphia
* inscription:
A portraiture of the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania in America by Thomas Holme Surveyor General. Sold by Andrew Sowle in Shoreditch London.
Planned 1682
Dedicated 1997
American Society of Civil Engineers, 1852
National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
The City of Philadelphia
Surveyor General Thomas Holme, Governor William Penn and others planned the open public squares and rational street layout that we enjoy today. These original features have inspired city engineers for 300 years.
* Southeast corner of Aviator Park, West side of Logan Square. North side of Race, East of 20th.
* 39.957550,-75.171450 [map]
* On the Parkway and Pennsylvania tour
* See also:
+American Society of Civil Engineers's Thomas Holme page's William Penn page's Logan Circle page