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This tour winds through the Fairmount neighborhood, starting East of it around Broad and Wallace, and stretching West to 29th and North to Girard. It's a long but mostly pleasant walk with interesting art, including two pieces named Metamorphosis. Start on the Northeast corner of Broad and Green and then go

Congregation Rodeph Shalom
Nicola D'Ascenzo Studios, 1927
* scroll and tablet, large cats, angel wings, tree, sun, other symbols
* inscription: My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples
* Entrance. Congregation Rodeph Shalom. East side of Broad Street at Green.
* 39.963825,-75.160900 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also: Nicola D'Ascenzo page

Old Zion Entrance
* flowers
* North entrance. Old Zion Lutheran Church. North side of Mt. Vernon, West of Broad.
* 39.964590,-75.161410 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:
+philadelphia entry for the building

Joshua Sarantitis, 2001
* big butterflies
* The mural is included on this site because of the butterflies, which were cut from metal by men from the Ridge Avenue Shelter
* Wall. Southwest side of Ridge, Southeast of Broad and Fairmount.
* 39.965450,-75.160025 [map]
* See also:
+artist's page for this piece

Northwestern National Bank Building
* eagles, logo, building, plants
* Southwest wall. Northeast corner, Ridge and Fairmount (just West of Broad).
* 39.967290,-75.160980 [map]

Overseas Motor Works
Samuel Brian Baylinson, 1930
* globes, human faces, ram heads, plants
* Building. Northwest corner, 15th and Fairmount.
* 39.967215,-75.162190 [map]
* See also: page for the building article about the historical commission vote
+historical commission nomination form Samuel Brian Baylinson page

Art Deco Flowers
1932 (unconfirmed)
* plants
* Front wall. Project Home. North side of Fairmount, West of 15th.
* 39.967225,-75.162955 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Auto Parts Logo
* logo, standing person, hat, tire
* Not clear what company this was a logo for.
* Wall. Northwest corner, 16th and Fairmount.
* 39.967250,-75.163810 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Our Lady of Fatima Pray for Us
* Statue of Mary
* standing person, headgear, rosary and cross, kneeling people, sheep
* East side of St. Andrew Lithuanian Catholic Church. West side of 19th, just North of Wallace.
* 39.966370,-75.168885 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s Our Lady of Fatima page's Mary, mother of Jesus page

People Pyramid
Evelyn Keyser, 1971
* small seated stacked people
* Roberto Clemente Recreation Center. Southeast corner of 19th and Wallace.
* 39.966075,-75.168750 [map]

Spring Gardens Fence
2001 (approximate)
* plants, birds, spring, sign
* Fence and gates. Spring Gardens. Around the block bounded by 18th, 19th, Wallace and North.
* 39.966200,-75.168750 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Doorway to Imagination
Emilie Ledieu, 2010
* plants, abstract face
* East Entrance. Laura W. Waring School. West side of 18th, North of Green.
* 39.964775,-75.167550 [map]
* See also:

Three Bar Russian Cross
* Symbol of Jesus
* 3 bar cross, moon and stars
* Over the entrance. Russian Orthodox Church of Our Lady. South side of Brandywine, West of 20th.
* 39.964300,-75.170975 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious

Convent of Divine Love
Paul Monaghan, 1914 (date of building)
* Relief of winged Jesus
* sitting, standing, winged people, sword, dove, sun, dragon heads, symbols
* inscription:
Chapel Entrance: Venite Jesum Adoremus
:Convent Entrance: Come holy spirit. Beneath the shadow of thy wings we dwell.
* Whole building. Convent of Divine Love. Southwest corner, 22nd and Green.
* 39.965285,-75.174400 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, Gargoyles
* See also: entry for the building Paul Monaghan entry

* Statue of Jesus
* standing person, sacred heart symbol
* On the front lawn of the Convent of Divine Love. South side of Green, West of 22nd.
* 39.965350,-75.174500 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, Unidentified

* Symbol of Jesus
* idea
* inscription: Remember the Unborn Innocents
* In front of St. Francis Xavier. Northeast corner, 24th and Green.
* 39.965925,-75.177200 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious

Patrick Ward Memorial Park
* In memory of Hugo T. Caroselli, David F. Jones, Joe L. Kelly Sr., Joseph E. Shubiak and Patrick E. Ward
* actual US and POW flags, keystone, headshot, hat
* Many of the names are initials or nicknames. I've called out here the names that were most obvious and complete.
* inscription:
In memory of
Sp./4 Patrick E. Ward
Killed in Vietnam
Aug. 22, 1968
And to all the men and women of the neighborhood who gave their today for our tomorrow

Hugo "Hugie" T. Caroselli
The Mayor of 24th and Aspen
Hugo proudly served as a Staff Sergent in the US Army Air Corps during WWII.
Hugo was a founder and dedicated overseer of Patrick Ward Memorial Park
Hugo will always be remembered for his generosity, wisdom, wit, and especially for his kindness.
Hugo's undying commitment to his wife Anna, his family, his community, his church and his country made him a hero to any who knew him. Hugie will always live in our hearts.

PFC David F. Jones
Serial Number 33583089
Company A 32nd Infantry Regiment
U.S. Army
Born Jan. 5, 1923
Died Dec. 2, 1948
David F. Jones, 771 N. 24th St., Phila. PA (1941 to 1943) served our country during World War II and Korea. David served in the China-India-Burma Campaign during WWII (1943 to 1946) then served in Korea 1948 where he was one of the first Americans killed Dec. 2, 1948

Sp 4 Joseph E. Shubiak

in memory of
Joe L. Kelly Sr.
Born March 11, 1929
Died August 5, 2001
Served in US Army June 10, 1951 to June 14, 1953.
Served as commander St. Francis Xavier C.W.V. Post 1020 for 32 years.
A loving husband and father.
Helped maintain Ward Park.
Always worked for Fairmount.
Sadly he will be missed.
* Northwest corner, 24th and Aspen.
* 39.968800,-75.176900 [map]
* Exhibits: War

Do Good Things
2015 (possibly 2016)
* In memory of Jack David Mazur
* plants, sun, hands, abstract forms
* inscription:
In memory of our friend and neighbor
Jack David Mazur
1/21/39 - 9/20/14
"Do good things."
* Wall. Northwest corner, 25th and Aspen.
* 39.968990,-75.178625 [map]

Trust Deli Tree of Life
* abstract plant (tree of life)
* Wall. Southwest corner, 26th and Brown.
* 39.970260,-75.179800 [map]

Bike Racks
Dero Bike Racks, 2013 (installed)
* bicycles
* Bike racks. North side of Bache-Martin. South side of Parrish between 22nd and 23rd.
* 39.970680,-75.174175 [map]
* See also:

* abstract tree, sign
* Southeast corner, 19th and Poplar.
* 39.971050,-75.167475 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Stephen Girard
* Statue of Stephen Girard
* group of people standing, sitting
* Inside the main gate Girard College. North side of Girard at Corinthian.
* 39.973400,-75.170225 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified
* See also:'s Stephen Girard page

24th and Poplar Mosaic
Isaiah Zagar
* abstract partial people, pair of people, fish
* inscription: This is the day the lord hath made
* Wall. Southeast corner, 24th and Poplar.
* 39.972175,-75.175850 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:

Saint Nicholas Church
* Mosaic and cross of Jesus
* big person from the waist up, kneeling angels, symbols
* Entrance and steeple. South side of Poplar, West of 24th.
* 39.972075,-75.176360 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious

Morton McMichael
John H. Mahoney, 1881
* Statue of Morton McMichael
* seated person, chair
* inscription:
An honored and beloved citizen of Philadelphia
In commemoration of the civic service and private virtues of Morton McMichael this monument is erected by his fellow citizens.
* W. Sedgley and Lemon Hill.
* 39.973150,-75.189025 [map]
* See also:'s Morton McMichael page

Cheryl Levin, Robert Phillips, 2006
* big and small insects, building (Girard College), elephant, food (including a mug of beer), giraffe, gorilla, partial standing person, musical instrument, plants, ship, sun and moon, tiger, tools, train and trolley, water
* The insects are by Phillips, the mosaics are by Levin and Mural Corps youth.
* inscription:
a sculptural and mosaic
public art project
dedicated to the community
and its cycles of change
* Railroad crossing bridge. Girard between 31st and Poplar Drive.
* 39.975050,-75.187225 [map]
* See also:
+artist's picture of the insects

Girard Avenue War Memorials
2010 (restored)
* stele
* inscription:
In memory of the men and women of the Pennsylvania Railroad and our community who laid down their lives for our country. Let all who pass here remember those who served in times of peril and whose bravery kept our nation strong and free.
Dedicated to the 29th Ward
War Mothers
Gold Star Mothers
Gold Star Wives
Who offered their all to create peace in the world.
* South side of Girard, East of 31st.
* 39.974820,-75.186525 [map]
* Exhibits: War
* See also: article about the restoration of this piece

Possible trip extension:West Park (across the Girard Avenue Bridge)

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