Philadelphia Public Art

Landmark: 30th Street Station

On the Avenue of Technology tour.

Pennsylvania Railroad Memorial Plaques
* Memorials to William Wallace Atterbury, George Gibbs and John Edgar Thomson
* small heads, trains
* inscription:
William Wallace Atterbury
Tenth President of The Pennsylvania Railroad
Director General of Transportation of American Expeditionary Forces - World War I.
Friend of Labor - Pioneer in collective bargaining
Servant of the American people in war and peace
With courage and foresight he introduced electrification in to the railroad's system
1861 - 1940
George Gibbs
Consulting Engineer
Whose vision and tenacity of purpose led to the development of the
Pennsylvania Railroad's articulated electric locomotive class GG1
placed in operation 1934
and contributed so much to the advancement of the art of electric railroad transportation
1808 - 1874
J. Edgar Thomson
Father of the Pennsylvania Railroad
First Chief Engineer - Third President
He planned the railroad's present system
He left his fortune in trust for the education and maintenance of female orphans of railway employees whose fathers may have been killed in the discharge of their duties
* Interior. North waiting area 30th Street Station. Northeast corner, 30th and Market.
* 39.955975,-75.181950 [map]
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Spirit of Transportation
Karl Bitter, 1895
* big group of people, mostly standing, some sitting, horses, sheep, oxen, wagon and carriage, basket of fruit, model train, model boat, model airship
* inscription:
This panel, the conception and work of Karl Bitter, sculptor, was executed in 1895 and placed in the waiting room of Broad Street Station Philadelphia from which place it was removed to this site in January, 1933. The spirit of transportation is represented in triumphant procession of progress led by a little child carrying a model of an airship, a prophetic vision of a mode of transportation to come.
* Interior. North waiting area 30th Street Station. Northeast corner, 30th and Market Sts..
* 39.955985,-75.182160 [map]
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Pennsylvania Railroad World War II Memorial
Walker Hancock, 1952
* big vertical people (one winged)
* inscription:
In memory of the men and women of the Pennsylvania Railroad who laid down their lives for our country 1941-1945.
That all travelers here may remember those of the Pennsylvania Railroad who did not return from the Second World War.
* Main lobby. 30th Street Station. North side of Market between 29th and 30th.
* 39.955635,-75.181575 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, War
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* clock
* East side of 30th Street Station. West side of 29th at JFK.
* 39.955600,-75.180950 [map]

30th Street Station Sign
Calori and Vanden-Eynden Design, 2015
* big name, sign
* There is another, less dramatic version on the 29th Street side.
* Southwest corner, 30th Street Station. Northeast corner, 30th and Market.
* 39.955070,-75.18297 [map]
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The Porch Fence
Groundswell Design Group, 2015
* trees
* Fence. The Porch. South side, 30th Street Station. Along the North side of Market, East of 30th.
* 39.954777,-75.182130 [map]
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The Porch Swings
Bill Curran Design, Gehl Studio, 2015
* big swings
* The Porch. South side, 30th Street Station. North side of Market between 29th and 30th.
* 39.954850,-75.182050 [map]
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