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The Germantown Avenue tour starts at Woodmere at Germantown and Bells Mill and runs South on Germantown Avenue to St.Pauls. Almost all of the pieces are within a half block of Germantown, with a slightly longer detour East on Rittenhouse, South on Morton, and West on Price. You can reach the starting point from Center City by taking SEPTA's route 97 and the Chestnut Hill West Line or route 23. You can then take the 23 back to Center City from the Southern end of the tour. This is a mostly down hill but very long walk (approximately 6 miles) and you may want to take the 23 between the Lovett Memorial Reading Garden Benches at Sedgwick and the intersection of Germantown and Washington Lane, and the 97 up hill from Woodmere to Chestnut Hill Ave.

Spring & Triangle
Dina Wind, 2016
* big abstract forms
* On the grounds of Woodmere Art Museum. Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.
* 40.082700,-75.220150 [map]
* See also:

Sam Maitin, 2017 (fabricated)
* abstract bird
* Displayed at the time the picture was taken with two earlier pieces by the same artist that are not listed in the catalog.
* Grounds of Woodmere Art Museum. Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.
* 40.083050,-75.220600 [map]
* Exhibits: New
* See also:
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Bull Negative and Bull Positive
Filippo Bermani, 1943 (unconfirmed)
* small bulls
* Smaller pieces on the grounds are not consistently documented and are sometimes moved. This piece has been moved since the pictures were taken.
* Grounds of Woodmere Art Museum. Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.
* 40.083150,-75.219980 [map]

Free Interpretation of Plant Forms
Harry Bertoia, 1967
* big plant, fountain
* Formerly on Civic Center Boulevard (34th Street South of Spruce). Removed when the entire complex was torn down in 2000. Installed at the Woodmere in 2016 with a very different fountain treatment. The last picture is from the original location.
* Grounds of Woodmere Art Museum. Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.
* 40.082985,-75.220250 [map]
* Exhibits: Moved
* See also:
+Inquirer article about this piece's Harry Bertoia page

Sankofa Kore
Christopher Smith, 2011 (installed 2015)
* small standing person
* Grounds of Woodmere Art Museum. Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.
* 40.082965,-75.219855 [map]
* Exhibits: African American
* See also:
+artist's page for this piece article about this piece

Leon Sitarchuk, 1978
* abstract form
* Another copy is the Rodman Street Pillar
* Grounds of Woodmere Art Museum. Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.
* 40.082990,-75.219805 [map]

Paul Sisko, 1990
* abstract form
* Also listed as Disk. Pieces on the grounds are sometimes moved.
* Grounds of Woodmere Art Museum. Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.
* 40.082670,-75.219525 [map]
* See also:

Sidney Goodman, 1990 - 1995
* standing person, group of babies, detached face
* Pieces on the grounds tend to move over time
* Grounds of Woodmere Art Museum. Corner of Germantown Avenue and Bells Mill Road.
* 40.082550,-75.219700 [map]
* See also:

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
1928 - 1929
* gargoyles and statue of Saint Paul
* small standing person, Bible, sword, crosses, plants, dragons and chimeras, snake, bird, fish
* inscription: Spiritus Gladius
* Whole building.. St. Paul's Episcopal Church. South side of Chestnut Hill Ave., East of Germantown Ave..
* 40.079100,-75.208850 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, Gargoyles
* See also:
+gargoyle hunter's page for the building's entry for the building

Top of the Hill Plaza Fountain
Jonathan Alderson, 2002
* rocks, fountain
* Plaza. North corner, Germantown and Rex.
* 40.077500,-75.209000 [map]
* See also:

Column Court
Lawrence D. McEwen, Architects, 1997
* hands, world map, peace sign, hearts, standing person, music and musical instruments, food, plants
* Children's Park in Chestnut Hill. Northeast side of Germantown, Northwest of Southampton.
* 40.074650,-75.203700 [map]
* Exhibits: Peace and Love
* See also:
+Lawrence D. McEwen, Architects

Bear Bench
* painted bear bench
* The hat is not original to the piece.
* North corner, Germantown and Southampton.
* 40.074375,-75.203490 [map]
* Exhibits: New

Rebecca Hoenig, 2006
* pig painted with a flower
* Roof. Market at the Fareway. Southampton, Northeast of Germantown, across the parking lot.
* 40.074260,-75.202615 [map]
* Exhibits: New
* See also:

Mark Chatterley, 2016 (best guess)
* dogs
* Northwest side of Germantown, South of Southampton, at the end of the walkway.
* 40.074110,-75.202835 [map]
* Exhibits: New
* See also:

Buckley Park Vietnam Memorial
* Memorial to Charles J. Buckley
* rock
* inscription:
In Memory of
PFC Charles J. Buckley USMC
And of other Americans
who gave their lives in
the Republic of Vietnam
* Buckley Park. Northeast corner, Germantown and Hartwell.
* 40.073400,-75.202650 [map]
* Exhibits: War

Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy World War I Memorial
1918 (based on inscription)
* big cross
* inscription:
In loving memory of the men
of Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy
Who died in the World War
France, 1918
They challenge us to hold more precious than mortal life
Ideals of Honour, Justice, and Righteousness.
They counted not their lives dear unto themselves
* Germantown Ave. and Mermaid Lane.
* 40.067750,-75.197150 [map]
* Exhibits: War

Cresheim Valley Pergola
1909 (restored 2005)
* small turtle, fish, two coats of arms, mill with waterwheel, water, trees
* The reliefs pictured here can be seen on the floor of the pergola in the first picture in front of the benches
* inscription:
marble plaque (badly faded):
This valley was named Krisheim by the Germans of the Rhine who bought the land from William Penn in 1687 and called it after their native village
Germantown Road follows the old Indian trail
The battle of Germantown began a little South of this green October 4, 1777
metal plaque:
February 23, 2005
This pergola and water trough have been refurbished by
The Chestnut Hill Rotary Club to honor 100 years of service by Rotary Clubs
in this country and in the world.
This renewed monument marks an entrance to Fairmount Park as it did when it was originally dedicated in 1909.
This pergola, the bridge and the Cresheim Trail serve as a symbol of the partnership between the communites of Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy
* Pergola. Southwest corner Germantown and Cresheim Valley.
* 40.066450,-75.196500 [map]
* See also:
+article about the restoration

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg
J. Otto Schweizer, 1917
* Statue of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg
* group of people standing, sitting, all the women wearing bonnets
* inscription:
Patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America
Pastor in Philadelphia
* In the driveway of the Lutheran Theological Seminary. East side of Germantown Ave. just North of Allens Lane.
* 40.061775,-75.191925 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:
+biography of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg

Together Family
Ken Clark, 1977
* people standing
* Hanging from the top of the wall. Northeast of the Northeast corner, Germantown and Sedgwick.
* 40.057460,-75.188050 [map]

Mt. Airy Learning Tree Mosaic
Jessica Gorlin-Liddell, 2006
* tree, names and words
* inscription: Everything you need to know you can learn under this tree
* North wall. Lovett Branch Library. Southeast corner, Germantown and Sedgwick.
* 40.056950,-75.187850 [map]
* See also:
+Mt. Airy Learning Tree history page with explanation of this piece
+Tessera Studio and Gallery

Turkish Catapult Stones
1400 - 1499
* Artifacts taken by Samuel Livingston Breese
* weapons (rocks)
* The inscription actually says 18-8, but the Congress was Commodore Breese's flagship until 1858
* inscription: These two stone cannon balls were hurled from catapults by the Turks in their engagements with the Christians in the XVth century. Transported in 1858 from the island of Rhodes by the U.S. Frigate "Congress" under command of Commodore Samuel Livingston Breese, USN
* Gate posts. Lovett Branch Library. East side of Germantown, South of Sedgwick.
* 40.056600,-75.187800 [map]
* See also:'s history of Rhodes's USS Congress page's Samuel Livingston Breese page

Lovett Memorial Reading Garden Benches
Warren C. Holzman, 2004
* abstract benches, words
* inscription: read, muse, grow
* In the garden of the Lovett Branch Library. East side of Germantown, South of Sedgwick.
* 40.056650,-75.187525 [map]
* See also:
+artist's picture of this piece

Upper Burial Ground Memorials
* Relief bust of George Washington
* small head, logos of the DAR and US Daughters of 1812
* inscription:
1 (worn away):
The Upper Burial Ground
Sometimes called Ax's Burial Ground was
[Granted] to the Burrough of Germantown in [1724]
by Paul [Wullf]
[Here are] buried many of the early settlers and their descendants
[Here are the] graves of Major Irwin, Captain Turner
[Lieutenant] Lucas and six other American soldiers
killed in the Battle of Germantown
The wall was built in 1777
The Site and Relic Society of Germantown 1902
3 (long list of names omitted):
To Honor
the Revolutionary Soldiers Buried Here
Placed by Germantown Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution
In Memory of Soldiers of the War of 1812
Who lie in Upper Germantown Burying Ground
William Crout, John Paulson
George Knorr, Frederick Sheetz
Jacob K. Knorr, Edward Snyder
Lewis Lehman, Michael Snyder
John Nell, George Streeper
Jeremiah Trout
Placed by Stephen Decatur Chapter
U.S. Daughters of 1812
* Wall. Northeast side of Germantown Avenue, Northwest of Washington Lane.
* 40.043775,-75.181225 [map]
* Exhibits: New, War
* See also:'s Upper Burial Ground page's George Washington page

Charles Fahlen, 1977 (installed)
* stacked squares
* Plaza. Northeast corner, Rittenhouse and Morton.
* 40.042625,-75.171300 [map]
* See also:'s Charles Fahlen page

St. Vincent de Paul Parish Hall Eagle
1851 (unconfirmed)
* Seal of the United States: eagle, shield and arrows, olive branches
* 1851 is listed as the date for the church and possibly the whole complex
* inscription: E. Pluribus Unum
* West wall. Parish Hall. St. Vincent de Paul Church. North side of Price, East of Lena (one block East of Germantown Ave.).
* 40.038350,-75.174350 [map]
* See also: entry for the building

Saint Vincent de Paul
* statue of Saint Vincent de Paul
* standing person
* In the front yard of St. Vincent de Paul Church. North side of Price, East of Lena (one block East of Germantown Ave.).
* 40.038200,-75.174390 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s Saint Vincent de Paul page

Morgan's Jazz Night Club Sign
* partial people, musical instruments, sign
* Front wall. North side of Price, just East of Germantown.
* 40.037125,-75.175150 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified, African American

Pastorius Monument
Albert Jaegers, 1917
* Monument to Franz Daniel Pastorius
* big seated person, chair, hint of a boat, groups of people standing, plants, lamp
* Northeast corner Vernon Park. Germantown above Chelten.
* 40.036900,-75.176150 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites
* See also: 1921 picture of this piece's Franz (Francis) Daniel Pastorius page

* abstract mosaic, heads
* Wall. Northeast corner of Vernon Park. West side of Germantown, North of Chelten.
* 40.036450,-75.176600 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Sun Ra
Josey Stamm, 2000
* Mosaic including depiction and symbols of Sun Ra
* big partial people, musical instruments, sun and Saturn
* Retaining wall. North end of Vernon Park. East side of Germantown, North of Chelten.
* 40.036240,-75.177025 [map]
* Exhibits: African American
* See also:
+NetworkArts description of this piece
+NetworkArts's Sun Ra page

John Wister
Raffaelo Romanelli, 1903
* Statue of John Wister
* small standing person wearing a hat
* Vernon Park. Germantown above Chelten.
* 40.035850,-75.176325 [map]
* Exhibits: New
* See also:'s John Wister page

Battle of Germantown Memorial
1903 (approved by legislature)
* quote from George Washington
* stele, battlefield map with troop positions, idea
* inscription:
Washington to the President of Congress
On the whole it may be said the day was unfortunate rather than injurious. We sustained no material loss. The enemy are nothing the better by the event and our troops, who are not the least dispirited by it, have gained what all young troops gain by being in actions.
-From camp near Pennypacker's Mills, 5th October, 1777
Erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in commemoration of the Battle of Germantown fought October 4 1777
* East side of Vernon Park. West side of Germantown, South of Price.
* 40.036300,-75.175750 [map]
* Exhibits: New, War
* See also:'s Battle of Germantown page's George Washington page

Interfaith House Gargoyles
1930 (building date)
* small crouching people wearing hats, dragon
* Third picture Copyright 2018 Marianne Porter
* In niches high on the front wall. South side of Chelten Ave., West of Germantown Ave..
* 40.035350,-75.175100 [map]
* Exhibits: New, Gargoyles
* See also:'s entry for the building

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Monument
John Massey Rhind, James H. Windrim, 1883
* big standing person wearing a hat, weapons, eagles, horses, olive branches, United States, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia seals
* The eagles and plaques are by John Massey Rhind. The soldier is variously attributed to John Lachmier or Lachmer.
* The soldier is identical to the one on the West Park Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Monument
* inscription:
They never fail who die in a great cause.
1861 Germantown's tribute to her heroic dead 1883
United States of America
Liberty and Union
now and forever, one and inseperable
The Keystone State
liberty without obedience is confusion and obedience without liberty is slavery.
The City of Brotherly Love
On Earth peace Good will toward men
* Market Square. Germantown between Shoolhouse and Church.
* 40.034325,-75.172300 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, War
* See also:'s John Massey Rhind page's James H. Windrim page

William Daley, 1972
* abstract form
* Behind a fence. Germantown Friends School. North side of Coulter, West of Germantown.
* 40.032735,-75.171350 [map]
* See also:
+Smithsonian bio of William Daley

Freedom Corner
James Dupree, 1995
* abstract standing person, stele
* Plaza. Freedom Square. Northeast corner, Germantown and Wister.
* 40.030150,-75.16495 [map]
* See also:

Nicetown Park Tiles
* small words, abstract images, plants, butterflies, earth and sun
* Many of the tiles are damaged or missing
* Wall. Nicetown Park. East side of Germantown, North of St. Pauls.
* 40.019400,-75.155760 [map]
* Exhibits: New, Religious, Unidentified

Jon Bogle, 1974 (installed)
* abstract tower
* Nicetown Park. Northeast corner, Germantown and St. Pauls.
* 40.01930,-75.155560 [map]
* Exhibits: New

Possible trip extension:Temple Campus (Route 23 to 12th and Cecil B. Moore and walk 2 blocks West)

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