Philadelphia Public Art

Year: 1974

Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Christopher T. Ray, 1972 - 1990
* plants, bird, sun
* 5 metal sculptured gates. Apartment complex bounded by Front, Second, Spruce, and Delancey.
* 39.944400,-75.144850 [map]
* On the Society Hill tour
* See also:

Atlas X
Art Brenner, 1974
* abstract form
* Originally "bright orange-red" according to the artist's description.
* Hotel parking lot. East side of Island Ave., just South of Industrial Highway/Penrose Ave..
* 39.888600,-75.232675 [map]
* On the Southwest Philly tour
* See also:
+artist's page for this piece

Atmosphere and Environment XII
Louise Nevelson, 1974
* abstract forms
* Near the back door of the Art Museum. Anne d'Harnocourt Drive (25th and Kelly Drive to the Spring Garden Bridge).
* 39.966050,-75.181750 [map]
* On the Art Museum Grounds tour
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Henry Mitchell, 1974
* small cats
* On what was probably once a fountain that is now mostly used for sitting and flowerpots and is almost always surrounded by people.
* Courtyard. Betsy Ross House. North side of Arch East of 3rd.
* 39.952300,-75.144675 [map]
* On the Old City tour
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Alexander Liberman, 1974
* big abstract arch
* Spanning Locust Walk at 36th Street.
* 39.952700,-75.200600 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* Exhibits: Favorites
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+Art at Penn page for this piece's Alexander Liberman page's Alexander Liberman page

Dilworth Plaza Fountain
1974 (completion of original plaza)
* waterfall fountain
* Was on the East side of 15th, just North of Market. Removed with the reconstruction and flattening of Dilworth Plaza in 2014
* Plaza. City Hall.
* 39.952700,-75.164710 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing
* See also:'s City Hall page's City Hall page

Peace Memorial
Harold Kimmelman, 1974
* flag, eagle, logos of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines
* inscription: Dedicated to the men and women of this community who served their country with valor and courage.
* Just off the intersection of Aramingo, Margaret, and Milnor under the I-95 ramp over Milnor.
* 40.005450,-75.076250 [map]
* On the Lower Northeast tour
* Exhibits: War
* See also:

The Prophet
Jacob Lipkin, 1974
* standing person
* Northwest corner, 16th and the Parkway.
* 39.955225,-75.166575 [map]
* On the Parkway and Pennsylvania tour

* abstract forms
* Seger Playground. South side of Lombard, East of 11th, enter from 11th.
* 39.943725,-75.159700 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

James Lloyd, 1974
* abstract snake
* Originally in the middle of the sidewalk. Moved closer to the building late 2005 or early 2006. The last picture is from the original location.
* South side of Market, West of 36th.
* 39.956210,-75.195550 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour
* Exhibits: Moved

Jon Bogle, 1974 (installed)
* abstract tower
* Nicetown Park. Northeast corner, Germantown and St. Pauls.
* 40.01930,-75.155560 [map]
* On the Germantown Avenue tour
* Exhibits: New
* See also:'s Nicetown Park page