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This is a driving tour that passes through a variety of residential neighborhoods, malls, and industrial parks. These are mostly areas where casual visitors normally do not go. The tour start at 76th and Brewster then goes

Paper in Motion
Tony Trezza, 1983
* big paper
* Northwest side of Brewster at 76th.
* 39.902225,-75.232950 [map]

Globe with Motor
* actual motor
* According to the description in the Smithsonian catalog there were originally metal strips in the form of a globe surrounding the motor.
* 3240 S 78th.
* 39.898750,-75.234000 [map]

Lenni Lenape
Joe Mooney, 1988
* clouds, mountains
* Rust discoloration on the upper clouds when visited in April, 2013. The last picture is contributed by and Copyright Joe Mooney
* 78th Northwest of Holstein.
* 39.898425,-75.233325 [map]
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One Plus Three
Ike Hay, 1982
* abstract reliefs
* Could not find the fourth panel. These three are barely visible through the fence at a distance.
* Wall. West side of Holstein, North of 78th.
* 39.898750,-75.232350 [map]

Greg Leavitt, 1985
* plant forms
* West side of Holstein, North of Bartram .
* 39.897150,-75.233700 [map]
* See also:

The Point Where Things Change
Michael Grothusen, 2001
* abstract sundial
* Commissioned by the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. The large ring is oriented on a north/south axis. During the morning the shadow climbs up the AM side of the cone, at noon it rests directly on the point, and after noon it starts to descend down the PM side of the cone.
* East side of Holstein, North of Bartram .
* 39.896650,-75.233150 [map]
* See also:
+Michael Grothusen's page at

Atlas X
Art Brenner, 1974
* abstract form
* Originally "bright orange-red" according to the artist's description.
* Hotel parking lot. East side of Island Ave., just South of Industrial Highway/Penrose Ave..
* 39.888600,-75.232675 [map]
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+artist's page for this piece

Eastwick Farmpark
Rosalie Sherman, 1983
* small sheep, cows, dogs, seated person wearing a hat, bench
* The farmer and his bench were missing on April 20, 2013
* 84th and Crane.
* 39.89407,-75.246725 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing
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Boy and Dog
Jim Victor, 1982
* small seated person, dog
* Southeast of 82nd and Lyons.
* 39.897900,-75.246100 [map]
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ANH: Acro, Nexus, Habile
Robert David Lasus, 1980
* big abstract linear form
* Eastwick Park. Northwest of 80th and Mars.
* 39.904450,-75.251150 [map]

Clark B. Fitz-Gerald, 1970 (approximate)
* big plant
* picture of the artist with the piece provided by and copyright Stephen Fitz-Gerald
* Northwest Corner 78th and Lindbergh.
* 39.903800,-75.243600 [map]
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+Clark Fitz-Gerald gallery from

Robert Engman, 1975
* abstract form
* Southwest corner, 78th and Lindbergh.
* 39.903050,-75.243325 [map]
* See also:'s Robert Engman page

Striding Man
Bernard Brenner, James Fuhrman, 1976
* big abstract standing person
* In the parking lot of Penrose Plaza. West side of Island, South of Lindbergh.
* 39.902700,-75.241025 [map]
* See also:
+Bernard Brenner exhibit at

Subject/Object Memory
Lauren Ewing, 1990
* words, chairs
* Checked July 2013. Chairs are missing. Able to transcribe most of the historical inscription.
* inscription:
This was a land of natural beauty and bounty. Oak, Maple, Hawthorne, Cherry, Sweetgum, Crabapple and Ash sheltered deer, fox, rabbit and racoon. The lower land was cut through by hundreds of creeks, and streams rich in muskrat, beaver, fish and waterfowl. This was the home of the Lenni Lenape and Minquas who lived in harmony with the land. (see natural habitat at Tinecum Envm. Cntr.)
In 1638 Swedish settlers founded the colony of New Sweden. The colony prospered and grew because of the fur trade. The settlers built log homes, dams and mills and cleared the land for farms. The wilderness was transformed. When William Penn sailed up the Delaware decades later, he saw a peaceful colony with schools, snug houses, churches and law courts with jury trials.
In 1762 Swedish worshippers built St. James Kingsessing (68th and Wdlnd). The first recorded burial was Jacob Lincoln, 1725-1769. During the Revolutionary War the British attacked Washington's men at the Blue Bell Tavern. Every 20 minutes 1,000 cannon balls were fired at Ft. Mifflin. One passed through the Adam Guyer house while the family dined. (see Cannon Ball House near Ft. Mifflin)
The Penrose Ferry Hotel and Blue Bell Tavern (built 1776) were popular meeting places for local residents and travelers. Legends flourished about marsh creatures and unsavory local characters such as One-armed Tom Robinson. In 1802 Tom framed a man for a grisly murder he committed. After the innocent man hanged, Tom gleefully admitted his misdeeds.
[not legible]
June 9, 1859 the ladies of St. James Church hosted a strawberry festival at Bartram Gardens (residence of Andrew M. Eastwick) to fund a new schoolhouse. From 1880-92, the present Penrose Plaza site was Suffolk Park Racetrack. July 9, 1866 Bud Doble drove "Dexter" to a record win in 2 min. 23 1/2 sec. Wm. T. Eastwick and Emma Thomas married on June 2, 1870 at st. James Church.
A map dated 1872 shows large farm estates in this area. Local family names were Johnson, Young, Mitchell, Holstein and Serrill. The P.B.& W Railroad stopped at Bell Road Sta. and a steam car ran on Darby St. (Woodland). It cost 5c and took only 15 min. to reach Broad and Market Sts. By '86 lots were selling in the area. New streets opened and a hotel was built.
The 20th C. brought industry and population growth to Eastwick. Fels-Naptha Soap and Brill trolley cars were made here. Land was drained for Wilson Field (now Phila. Intn. Airport). In 1927 Lindbergh landed here. During W.W.I Hog Island Naval Yard employed local workers whose sandwiches became known as "Hoagies". Everyday, 1905-16, Anthony Rubillo lit and put out the local street lamps.
The Meadows, as residents called it, was a multi-racial community with churches of all denominations. Neighborhood kids starred on American Bandstand. In 1950 it was declared an Urban Renewal Area. In 1958 the Redevelopment Authority condemned 2,535 homes and 37 churches to make way fora "city within a city." Residents strongly resisted displacement and the imposed change.
[not legible]
* In the parking lot of Penrose Plaza. West side of Island, South of Lindbergh.
* 39.899475,-75.239700 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing
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Dennis Koronan, 1990
* geometric forms
* 7300 Lindbergh.
* 39.907400,-75.234004 [map]

Labour Monument
John Kindness, 2010
* Representations of and quote from Eugene V. Debs, Joe Hill and Karen Gay Silkwood
* partial, standing, sitting and kneeling people, hats, musical instruments, tools, bags and buckets, train, plants
* The title shown is the artist's title. The Association for Public Art lists it as "The Labor Monument: Philadelphia's Tribute to the American Worker"
* inscription:
Eugene V. Debs 1855-1926
1900 Farm Workers "Si Sepuede"
1905 IWW - The Wobblies - "Don't waste your time mourning. Organize." - Joe Hill, 1918
1912 Textile Workers
1968 Sanitation Workers - "I am a man"
Karen Gay Silkwood 1940-74
The worst thief is he who steals the playtime of children
* Center of Elmwood Park. Southwest of 71st and Buist.
* 39.913850,-75.237740 [map]
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Charles Parks, 1969
* small horse, dolphin, bird, ship, water, airplane
* The whole area is fenced in, and the two separate columns are barely visible through the fence behind a sign and parked cars.
* West side of the traffic circle at the end of Norwitch Drive, North of 67th.
* 39.915675,-75.223425 [map]
* See also:
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David J. Day, 1973
* abstract form
* West side of Essington, South of 67th.
* 39.913425,-75.222200 [map]
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George R. Anthonisen, 1983
* small vertical, horizontal people, helmets, other sports equipment
* Wall. Anita M. Carboni Ball Field. Northwest of the West corner, 63rd and Eastwick.
* 39.919940,-75.223150 [map]
* Exhibits: Athletic
* See also:

Women Washing
Dexter Jones, 1968
* three people, one standing, two kneeling, plants, basket, water
* Wall. Lindbergh, Northeast of 58th.
* 39.928310,-75.218950 [map]

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