Philadelphia Public Art

Artist: Robert David Lasus

ANH: Acro, Nexus, Habile
Robert David Lasus, 1980
* big abstract linear form
* Eastwick Park. Northwest of 80th and Mars.
* 39.904450,-75.251150 [map]
* On the Southwest Philly tour

Robert David Lasus, 1980
* tribute to Hephaestus
* small abstract form
* inscription: Patron God of the Arts
* Pelbano Recreation Center. Southwest side of Solly Ave. at Horrocks St., down the path between the ballfield and the building.
* 40.061990,-75.050750 [map]
* On the Lower Northeast tour
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s Hephaestus page

Gambol II: Mare and Foal
Robert David Lasus, 1992
* horses
* South side of the West end of the central promenade in the Horticulture Center. Horticulture Drive. East of Belmont.
* 39.982700,-75.213850 [map]
* On the West Park tour