Philadelphia Public Art

Year: 1980

Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Christopher T. Ray, 1972 - 1990
* plants, bird, sun
* 5 metal sculptured gates. Apartment complex bounded by Front, Second, Spruce, and Delancey.
* 39.944400,-75.144850 [map]
* On the Society Hill tour
* See also:

ANH: Acro, Nexus, Habile
Robert David Lasus, 1980
* big abstract linear form
* Eastwick Park. Northwest of 80th and Mars.
* 39.904450,-75.251150 [map]
* On the Southwest Philly tour

Joseph J. Greenberg, Jr., 1980 (date of building)
* big bird
* Entrance. Sheraton Center City. Between 16th and 17th on the North side of the hotel, which is on the Northeast corner of 17th and Race.
* 39.957700,-75.166900 [map]
* On the Franklin Town tour
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+Sheraton Center City ( entry)

Michael Nicholas Lekakis, 1980
* small abstract form
* Southeast corner, 9th and Locust.
* 39.947040,-75.155950 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* See also:'s Michael Nicholas Lekakis page

Peter Rockwell, 1980
* snake, group of people (heads)
* Schuylkill Park. North side of Pine at Taney.
* 39.948100,-75.183300 [map]
* On the Fitler Square tour
* Exhibits: Gargoyles

Robert David Lasus, 1980
* tribute to Hephaestus
* small abstract form
* inscription: Patron God of the Arts
* Pelbano Recreation Center. Southwest side of Solly Ave. at Horrocks St., down the path between the ballfield and the building.
* 40.061990,-75.050750 [map]
* On the Lower Northeast tour
* Exhibits: Religious
* See also:'s Hephaestus page

William King, 1980
* two people standing
* North side of Berks Mall between 12th and 13th.
* 39.981500,-75.154200 [map]
* On the Temple Campus tour
* See also:'s William King page

Bryan Hunt, 1980 - 1981
* small abstract form
* In front of Perry World House. West side of 38th, North side of the Locust Walk Bridge.
* 39.952640,-75.199250 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* Exhibits: New
* See also:

Origins I
Robert Sanabria, 1980
* abstract tree
* Accessible from the parking lot that runs between Ashmead and Armstrong
* Courtyard. Southeast side of East Ashmead, between Wakefield and Rubicam.
* 40.034095,-75.163470 [map]
* Exhibits: New
* See also:

Pope John Paul II
* Commemorative plaque with bust of Pope John Paul II
* small head
* Was on the West side of the circle. Removed during the 2005 renovation and replaced on the East side.
* inscription:
This plaque commemerates the site where his holiness
Pope John Paul II celebrated mass and proclaimed his message of peace and love to the people of Philadelphia and the nation October 9, 1979
Presented by the Philadelphia Chapter, Knights of Columbus October 9, 1980
* Northeast entrance of the circle. Logan Square. 19th and the Parkway.
* 39.958100,-75.170100 [map]
* On the Parkway and Pennsylvania tour
* Exhibits: Religious, Moved
* See also:'s Pope John Paul II page's Logan Circle page

A. Thomas Schomberg, 1980
* Statue of Rocky Balboa
* standing person, boxing gear
* This statue has had several homes, including the top of the Art Museum steps and the Spectrum steps. It was moved to the current location September, 2006. The first picture is from the current location. The second picture is from the Spectrum.
* East side of the Art Museum. 25th and the Parkway.
* 39.965125,-75.179300 [map]
* On the Art Museum Grounds tour
* Exhibits: Athletic, Favorites, Moved
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+Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Signer
EvAngelos W. Frudakis, 1980
* standing person, scroll and quill
* 5th and Chestnut, Southeast corner.
* 39.948825,-75.149000 [map]
* On the Independence Mall tour
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University of Pennsylvania Class of 1930 Plaque
* Bas relief bust of Benjamin Franklin
* small head, seal of the University of Pennsylvania
* inscription: Benjamin Franklin
The class of 1930 at its 50th Reunion honors Benjamin Franklin founder of the University of Pennsylvania which began at this site in 1749 and which in 1779 became the first University in this nation. We recognize the growth of our beloved institution from small beginning to world renown. May our fellow men note our affection for the University and our respect for its architect.
* Wall. West side of 4th, just South of Arch.
* 39.952250,-75.146900 [map]
* On the Old City tour
* See also:
+The Electric Franklin

Fred Fisher, 1980 (installed)
* geometric assemblage
* 444 North 3rd Street. West side of 3rd, North of Callowhill.
* 39.958260,-75.144100 [map]
* On the Northern Liberties tour

Wall Reliefs
George Sugarman, 1980 (year of building according to Wills Eye)
* big abstract reliefs
* These are the parts that are left of a piece that originally wrapped around the ground floor of the building.
* Wall. North side of Locust, West of 9th.
* 39.947225,-75.156250 [map]
* On the Jefferson Center City Campus tour
* See also:

Woman Looking Through a Window
George Segal, 1980
* small standing person, window
* Building entrance overhang. South side of Chestnut between 6th and 7th.
* 39.949400,-75.151575 [map]
* On the Independence Mall tour
* See also:
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