Philadelphia Public Art

Landmark: Franklin Institute

Named for Benjamin Franklin. On the Parkway and Pennsylvania tour.

The Pioneer
Budd Company, 1931 (renovated 1969)
* actual airplane
* inscription:
First stainless steel airplane built in 1931 by the Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company of Phila. to demonstrate the practicality of its "shotweld" process of fabricating stainless steel subsequently employed by the Budd Co. in building heavyweight railroad trains. The Pioneer was flown approximately 1,000 hours in the United Staes and Europe.
* In front of the Franklin Institute. Southwest corner, 20th and Winter and the Parkway.
* 39.958490,-75.172440 [map]
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Benjamin Franklin National Memorial
James Earle Fraser, 1938
* Statue of Benjamin Franklin
* big seated person, chair
* Free, but not always open. Check times. The last picture is of a reference from the mural at 24th and Chestnut.
* Interior. Franklin Institute. West side of 20th, South of the Parkway.
* 39.958200,-75.173000 [map]
* Exhibits: Favorites
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Shimmer Wall
Ned Kahn, 2013
* big abstract reflective surface
* inscription:
The Shimmer Wall continuosly changes its appearance a it responds to the environment. As breezes blow and wind gusts the wall dynamically adapts and provides a vivid and captivating portrait of nature at play powered only by the moving air.
The installation is a network of 10,824 five-inch aluminum squares individually hinged to move freely. The metal also dramatically mirrors the sky, using sunlight and moonlight to brighten the changing canvas.
* South Wall. Franklin Institute. North side of Race between 20th and 21st.
* 39.957660,-75.173060 [map]
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