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All Saints Sculpture Garden

All Saints Sculpture Garden
Syd Carpenter, 1988
* In memory of Mary Gorman and Andrew Nippes
* multiple people, hands and faces
* inscription:
In memory of Mary Gorman (1896-1986) and Andrew Nippes (1918-1987). Two of the Lord's children in transition toward becoming saints.
And there are some who have left no memorial, who have perished as though they had not lived.
But these were persons of mercy whose righteous deeds have not been forgotten

-Sirach 44: 9a, 10
* Courtyard. St. Mary's Hamilton Village. South side of Locust Walk between 39th and 40th. The courtyard can be reached by the walkway on the East side of the church.
* 39.952450,-75.201750 [map]
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* Exhibits: Religious
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