Philadelphia Public Art

Year: 1984

Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Christopher T. Ray, 1972 - 1990
* plants, bird, sun
* 5 metal sculptured gates. Apartment complex bounded by Front, Second, Spruce, and Delancey.
* 39.944400,-75.144850 [map]
* On the Society Hill tour
* See also:

Allow Me
J. Seward Johnson, Jr., 1984 (approximate)
* small standing person, umbrella
* Originally at the Northeast corner of 17th and Locust. Moved to the South side of Chestnut between Broad and 15th. Missing as of 12/19/2016. The first picture is from the original location.
* Entrance. Prince Music Theater.
* 39.950880,-75.164800 [map]
* Exhibits: Missing, Moved
* See also:

Balancing Act
Elsa Tarantal, 1984
* small standing child
* Also listed elsewhere as "Balance". There is weathering and censorship with stickers in the 2015 pictures not evident in the original (last) picture.
* Plaza. Southeast corner, 40th and Market.
* 39.956750,-75.201650 [map]
* On the Avenue of Technology tour

Barton and Beury Hall Walls
John Botkin, 1984
* big abstract forms
* Walls. Both sides of 13th, North of Berks Mall.
* 39.981450,-75.155100 [map]
* On the Temple Campus tour

Bolt of Lightning
Isamu Noguchi, 1984
* Representation of an act of Benjamin Franklin
* big kite, lightening, key
* At the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridge. 6th and Vine.
* 39.955450,-75.148750 [map]
* On the Independence Mall tour
* See also: page for this piece
+The Noguchi Museum
+The Electric Franklin's Benjamin Franklin Bridge page

China Gate
Sabrina Soong, 1984
* big arch
* Spanning 10th Street, North of Arch.
* 39.953700,-75.156250 [map]
* On the Convention District tour

Commuter Tunnel Mural
David Beck, Verlin Miller, 1984
* big trees
* The mosaics run two full blocks on both sides of the station.
* Tunnel walls. Jefferson Station. Underground. Between Market and Filbert from 10th to 12th..
* 39.952500,-75.158150 [map]
* On the Convention District tour
* See also:
+picture from's Jefferson Station page

Home of Isaiah and Julia Zagar
Isaiah Zagar, 1984
* big abstract mosaic
* Wall. South side of South, East of 9th, at Darien.
* 39.942450,-75.156401 [map]
* On the Lombard-South tour
* See also:

Light Fixtures
Gerald Allen, Kent Bloomer, 1984
* abstract flower-like light fixtures
* Entrance. South side of Locust, West of 7th.
* 39.946785,-75.153700 [map]
* On the Washington Square tour
* See also:

Lindemann Fountain
* In memory of Joseph S. Lindemann
* small fountain plants
* In the small park on the Northwest corner of 37th and Locust Walk.
* 39.952460,-75.197200 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* Exhibits: Unidentified

Three Figures
Joseph C. Bailey, 1984
* small standing people, nurse's hat
* Courtyard. Jones Memorial Nursing Home. Northwest corner, 10th and Wallace.
* 39.964250,-75.154150 [map]
* On the Northern Liberties tour
* Exhibits: African American

Tuning Fork
Raymond Granville Barger, 1984
* In memory of Laurence Katz
* big tuning fork
* inscription:
In fond remembrence of
from his friends of
* Visible through the South gate of the Mann Music Center. Avenue of the Republic near 52nd and Parkside.
* 39.982775,-75.222750 [map]
* On the West Park tour
* See also:
+Max Buten's picture of this piece
+Mann Music Center