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Here are some of the writer's web pages I've enjoyed browsing. The SFWA website has an alphabetical section that includes links to most of the science fiction writers who have web pages.

Margaret Atwood maintains a site that contains a lot of interesting reading. I particularly like the section in which she discusses things like "The Road to Publication" and her attitudes toward editors.

Jack Dann is somebody we've known since he was so young he reminded my wife of the way Michael York looked when Michael York played D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers. Now he's a big time writer who's turning out highly acclaimed books like The Memory Cathedral.

Barbara Paul writes mysteries nowadays, but she's written some science fiction, too. Her discussions of her Mariam Larch mysteries and her opera mysteries are particularly good.

Pamela Sargent has written hard science fiction and historical fiction, and edited several pioneering anthologies of science fiction by women. I particularly recommend the twenty page interview she's posted on her website.

Dave Sherman is one of the people who helped me get over the psychological barriers to computerizing, back in the mid-80's when a computer with a 128K memory was a machine of awesome power. Dave has now written several Vietnam novels and the first books in a science fiction military series, but he was a sculptor when he decided to try his hand at writing. I was flabbergasted when he went out and spent two thousand dollars on a complete word processing setup, even though he'd never sold a word. I think most writers have a prejudice against beginning writers who buy expensive equipment and outfit fancy home offices. They're spending all that money, the argument runs, so they can feel like writers without actually doing any writing. Then I realized Dave was thinking like an artist. Sculptors and painters spend thousands of dollars a year on equipment and materials. Up until the invention of the word processor, writers could enter the arena merely by buying a portable typewriter and spending a few dollars a month on paper, postage, and typewriter ribbons. So I started revising my attitudes toward equipment. Two thousand dollars is not, after all, a huge price to pay when you're buying the tools of your vocation. Ask a violinist or a flutist what a serious student instrument costs these days.

Freddy the Pig is a character, not a writer, but let's not be snobbish about this. A lot of characters are a lot more interesting-- and a lot more real-- than the writers who created them. If Freddy the Pig helped you enjoy some of your childhood, I can guarantee you'll relish a trip to the Friends of Freddy website. The attractions include a New Yorker profile, portraits by Kurt Wiese, and a guest book loaded with comments by people who share fond memories of the Freddy experience.


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