Philadelphia Public Art

Person: John J. Carlin

John J. Carlin Tablet
1968 (approximate)
* Relief bust of John J. Carlin
* small head, eyeglasses
* inscription:
This tablet was erected by
oarsmen of the rowing world
in honor of
John J. Carlin
1896 - 1968
Circa 1914-1968
He was a man dedicated to the amateur sport of rowing and devoted 54 years to its development and leadership encompassing
All phases:- schoolboy, club, college, national, international, and olympic.
Treasurer - Schoolboy R.A. of A.
President - Fairmount R.A.
Coach - University of Pennsylvania
Commodore - Schuylkill Navy
Chairman - Gold Cup Committee
President - N.A.A.O.
Chairman - U.S. Olympic and Pan-Am Rowing Committee
Continental Representative of F.I.S.A.
Oarsmen of the past, present, and future have and will benefit from his vigor and zeal.
* Wall. Reviewing Stands. River side of Kelly Drive.
* 39.985900,-75.201985 [map]
* On the Kelly Drive tour