Philadelphia Public Art

Person: James Kelley

Engine Company 1 Memorial Plaque
* In memory of Aloysius Boyle, Thomas Donahue, Oliver Exley, John Gormley, William Heller, James Kelley, George McConoghy, John Minnick, George Murray, James Shea, John Welsh and Howard Wilson
* Philadelphia Fire Department insignia
* inscription:
In memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice
Lest we forget
FF. Oliver Exley   Truck E   05/12/1881
FF. William Heller   Engine 1   02/20/1897
FF. James Shea   Engine 1   03/02/1899
FF. James Kelley   Truck E   03/30/1905
FF. Aloysius Boyle   Truck E   11/10/1905
FF. John Minnick   Ladder 5   06/05/1925
BC. George McConoghy   Battalion 1   07/23/1928
FF. John Gormley   Ladder 5   01/24/1937
FF. George Murray   Ladder 5   10/19/1937
BC. Howard Wilson   Engine 1   03/24/1945
FF. Thomas Donahue   Engine 1   01/26/1954
FF. John Welsh   Ladder 5   06/12/1973
Dedicated by the members of E-1, L-5, Bn-1 & Medic 35
* In front of Engine Company 1. East side of Broad, South of Bainbridge.
* 39.942290,-75.165525 [map]
* On the Avenue of the Arts tour
* Exhibits: Police and Fire Fighters