Philadelphia Public Art

Landmark: Federal Court

On the Independence Mall tour.

Bicentennial Dawn
Louise Nevelson, 1975
* abstract forms
* Visible through the glass. Sometimes accessible through the building.
* inscription:
My search in life has been for a new seeing, a new image, a new insight, a new consciousness. This search includes the object as well as the in-between places - the dawns and the dusks, the objective world, the heavenly spheres, the places between the land and the sea... Man's creations arrest the secret images that can be found in nature.
Bicentennial Dawn is a place, an environment that exists between night and day - solid and liquid - temporal and eternal substances. It can be experienced as a monument to the past as well as the spores of the future. Contemplation is the means by which we extend our awareness.
Bicentennial Dawn is a contemplative experience in search of awareness that already exists in the human mind. The inner and the outer equal one.
* Inside. Federal Court. 6th and Market, Northwest of the Northwest corner.
* 39.951225,-75.150600 [map]
* See also:
+Smithsonian interview with Louise Nevelson's Louise Nevelson page

Justice the Guardian of Liberty
* Seal of the United States of America, eagle, stars, olive branches, shield and arrows
* South wall. Federal Court. North side of Market, East of 7th.
* 39.951000,-75.151300 [map]

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