Philadelphia Public Art

Landmark: College Hall

On the Penn Campus tour.

William Pepper
Karl Bitter, 1896
* Statue of William Pepper
* sitting and kneeling people, chair, plants, staff
* Another copy can be found at the Main Library on the landing of the stairs to the second floor.
* inscription:
M.D. L.L.D.
Provost of the
There will be sleeping enough in the grave.
All things exist in the man tinged with the manners of his soul.
* South side of College Hall. North of Spruce, West of 34th.
* 39.951230,-75.193825 [map]
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Benjamin Franklin
John J. Boyle, 1899
* Statue of Benjamin Franklin
* seated person, chair, papers
* In front of College Hall. Woodland Walk West of 34th Street.
* 39.951950,-75.193700 [map]
* Exhibits: Moved
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+The Electric Franklin

Charles Lennig
John J. Boyle, 1900
* Representation of Charles Lennig
* head and upper torso
* Southwest corner of College Hall. North of Spruce, West of 34th.
* 39.951300,-75.194210 [map]
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