Philadelphia Public Art

Butterfly Fence

Butterfly Fence
* big butterflies, misquoted poetry
* Echoes the butterflies from the adjoining Alex's Lemonade Stand Mural shown in the last picture. The actual inscription on the fence is a misquote of a poem attributed elsewhere to Marjorie Wright Miller, with "Grabs" instead of "Garbs" and an extraneous apostrophe in "its".
* inscription: (along Lancaster Ave.)
The smallest flower that breathes but a day Distills its fragrance into sweet perfume Garbs itself with grace in bright array. Exquisite, brief intensity in bloom. Whether the notes of life are short or long, From end to end what matters is the song.
* Fence. Parrish and Lancaster.
* 39.968040,-75.210450 [map]
* Exhibits: Unidentified