Philadelphia Public Art

Architecture: Stairs

* statue of Mary
* small standing person
* inscription:
Erected to the memory of our 1943A Classmates who gave their lives in World War II
Raymond E. Adams, Donald A. Bath, John J. Corcoran, Robert M. Cox, John A. Dreger, Richard Farrell, James J. French, Laurence H. Gellbach, Walter F. Higgins, John J. Loughery, Francis J. Mac Murtrie, Robert De L. McKee
Donated by friends and relatives
* Between the stairs. Barbelin Hall, Saint Joseph's University. City Line, West of 54th.
* 39.995350,-75.237950 [map]
* Exhibits: Religious, War
* See also:'s Mary, mother of Jesus page
+Saint Joseph's University

Henry and Battin Fiorelli, 1838 (reported year of installation)
* lions
* At the top of the two staircases. East side of the Philadelphia Exchange. North side of Walnut, East of 3rd.
* 39.947125,-75.145775 [map]
* On the Old City tour
* See also: 1915 picture with this piece visible's Philadelphia Exchange page

Boy With Dolphins
Wilson Eyre, 1890
* small standing person, dolphins
* The first two pictures are of the piece itself. The second two are of smaller pieces higher on the walls.
* Front stairs. Northeast corner of Locust and Juniper.
* 39.948100,-75.163290 [map]
* On the Gayborhood tour
* See also:
+Wilson Eyre's drawing of the building with the sculpture clearly visible's Wilson Eyre page

University Museum Watering Trough
Alexander Stirling Calder, 1899 (year of building from the Museum's web site)
* small lion's head
* Attribution to Alexander Stirling Calder is based on similarity to other pieces on the building.
* Stairs to the upper courtyard. Penn Museum. South side of South, East of 33rd.
* 39.949915,-75.191360 [map]
* On the Penn Campus tour
* See also:'s Alexander Stirling Calder page
+Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

Art Museum Steps Fountain
* fountain, fish
* Along the front steps. Art Museum. 25th and the Parkway.
* 39.964950,-75.180100 [map]
* On the Art Museum Grounds tour
* Exhibits: Favorites, Unidentified
* See also:
+Philadelphia Museum of Art

Prometheus Strangling the Vulture
Jacques Lipchitz, 1943
* standing person, vulture
* Front steps. Art Museum. 25th and the Parkway.
* 39.965585,-75.180960 [map]
* On the Art Museum Grounds tour
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+Max Buten's picture of this piece's Jacque Lipchitz page
+Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Hand and Eye of God
J. Wallace Kelly, 1959
* eye and hand, tools
* The title is from the James A. Michener Art Museum's web site. Public Art in Philadelphia says "Titles Unknown."
* Stair Posts. North Terrace Ellen Phillips Samuel Memorial. Kelly Drive, past Boat House Row.
* 39.974550,-75.191400 [map]
* On the Kelly Drive tour
* See also:'s J. Wallace Kelly Page's Samuel Memorial tour page

Philadelphian Fountain
* fountain
* This fountain has many different configurations
* Steps. North side of Pennsylvania Avenue between 24th and 25th.
* 39.966510,-75.178150 [map]
* On the Parkway and Pennsylvania tour
* See also:'s entry for the building

Claes Oldenburg, 1976
* big clothespin, abstract standing people
* The sculpture is an elongated version of Brancusi's Kiss.
* Top of the concourse stairs. North side of Market at 15th.
* 39.952400,-75.16570 [map]
* On the City Hall tour
* Exhibits: Favorites
* See also:
+Travis Truman's picture of this piece

Rocky Footprints
1993 (approximate)
* In honor of Rocky Balboa
* small symbolic footprints
* Top of the steps. Art Museum. 25th and the Parkway.
* 39.965115,-75.180320 [map]
* On the Art Museum Grounds tour
* See also:'s Rocky Balboa page
+Philadelphia Museum of Art

Frank Rizzo
Zenos Frudakis, 1998
* Statue of Frank Rizzo
* standing person, steps
* inscription: Mayor 1972 - 1980
* Steps. Municipal Services Building. North side of JFK between Broad and 15th.
* 39.953725,-75.164500 [map]
* On the City Hall tour
* See also:
+Max Buten's picture of this piece's Frank Rizzo page's Frank Rizzo page

Autumn Winds
Messinger, Pietka, Hahn, LLC, 2007
* abstract leaves
* Stairs. Huntingdon MFL Station. Northeast of Kensington, Huntingdon and B.
* 39.989000,-75.127250 [map]
* On the Kensington tour
* See also:
+SEPTA's page for this piece's Huntingdon Station page